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Ladies and Gentlemen

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LGMLab, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hi Girls/Girls,

    Just a brief introduction of myself as this is my first post with NetRider. My name is Lucas and I'll be going for my learners test with HART next Thursday - Friday, after much deliberation I have finally settled on a Hyosung GT250R (Yellow) as I plan on keeping it and gaining a few years of experience as a hobby for the warmer weather.

  2. G'day

    I'll be out there on Friday doing the intermediate course.
  3. Thanks Matt, I'll keep my eye out for you :)
  4. hi and welcome
    hope to see you on the road
  5. Welcome aboard Lucas. Get along to the events and rides. Stay upright bro.


  6. welcome mate, see you out on the road
  7. Hy there!

  8. Welcome, O Prince of Darkness!!! Someone find that man a Triumph.
  9. I'm LMAO off mate.

    I bet the Prince of Darkness comment leaves most of them wondering.

    Showing our age here cobber. :LOL:
  10. "Joseph Lucas INVENTED darkness"

    Cook Neilsen, of Cycle magazine, once famously said of his old Triumph that "the headlight was so dim it would repel moths...."
  11. Good luck and welcome to the site

    Cheers :cool:
  12. welcome mate,

    ahh the old lucas jokes, i think my dad had a collection of hundreds.
  13. :twisted: W H O T O L D Y O U ! ! ! :twisted:

    Relax people, I'm friendly.. Would love to hear some of those Lucas jokes too, other than being called 'Luke Skywalker' I don't think I've ever heard one!

    Getting more and more excited about the whole bike thing, I spoke to Peter Stevens the other day and ordered a Yellow GT250R. Went down to the City store today to check out all the colours and had a sit on the bike.. Come next Saturday I'll be crapping myself when I ride it from the store to my house (despite it being less than 3km)..

    Thanks again for welcoming me all :) hope to see you all on the road!
  14. Welcome :)

    Have fun and stay safe
  15. hey man, i'll expect some burnouts on my the front lawn shortly after your get the GT250R :LOL:
  16. Welcome Lucas,

    It is true we are taking over. Great bike and don't stress about the ride home I did the same thing when I picked up my GT250 from PS in Dandenong rode home about 20kms.

    I took a couple of wrong turns due to nerves ie scared to change lanes! Just take it easy and have fun. :cool:

    Oh and welcome to the forums
  17. After a certain ride where he lost his lights we tossed up renaming the Handbasket Lucas or Beelzebub..

    We settled for Lucas 'cos no one could spell Beelzebub :LOL:
    (& Beelzebub is less evil) :p

  18. hey Troy u should Pm him and ask him to go for a ride with u :wink: i know u like asking the gals but how about taking this gentleman on a ride sometime :LOL: :wink: