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Ladder on a motorbike? Can it be done safely?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agttr, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. For my work, I need to carry a ladder with me to different sites. Not a tall one, just a 3 or 4 step A-frame. As I commute to work on a bike, I'm trying to locate something that I'll be able to transport around safely.

    I guess what I'm after is a foldale/collapsable ladder, something like the multi-purpose ladders. I have a 3.6m one but it's too big and bulky to have on a bike.Half the size would do the trick. Is there a smaller version of them around? One of these http://www.modarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=76&products_id=433 would be perfect if only it was a A-frame.

    Anyone with any real suggestions? (No doubt I'll be flooded with pics of bikes/scooters in Asia carrying all sorts of stuff) Getting a car for work would be my last and least preffered option. Hoping to avoid a 4 wheeler as much as possible.

  2. Get a ventura rack and strap it on with some cambuckle tiedowns. :)
  3. would one of those 2 step fold out ones be high enough for you? You can strap that to a ventura rack easy enough
  4. Are you an idiot,or is this a piss take ?
  5. How is this idiotic?
  6. Think about it,ladders are a known risk,my stockings hate them.
  7. Yes, I've got a ventura rack. A 2 step one would be too small. 3 would be ok, 4 would be preffered. I may have to try the tiedowns for my multi-purpose. I'll see how I go and may post up a pic of a successful commute or you may read about it in the papers if it all turns to sh!t.

    Actually before going in to work I'll have a few practice runs locally to make sure it's safe and secure.

    Again, if anyone knows of a shorter version of the multi-folded ones that would be great as my search online hasn't come up with anything as yet.
  8. [​IMG]

    Common sense man.
  9. funny as!!!! =D>

    not sure police would find it amusing though!
  10. Yeah like that above good idea,ohh shit we cant its not india or china sorry i forgot it suits sccoter riders.
  11. maybe you need a sidecar to put it in or strap wheels on one end of the ladder and tie the other end to the back of the bike and tow it.
  12. ockey straps are your friend....remember that.
  13. If you had a rack you could easily secure it to that, but even 3 or 4 steps mounted crosswise on a bike sounds like a risk to me. I'd like to see it secured to the side of the bike, lengthways, like a long pannier. You would be subject to the same rules about things that protrude beyond the vehicle as a car or ute, so think about securing a red rag to it, and making sure it doesn't stick out more than it's allowed to. (ie., more than it would be allowed to stick out past the tray on a ute for eg.)

    Also, if you plan to do this as an everyday thing, not a one-off, sooner or later you'll run across a cop who feels it's just a bad idea and he'll make serious trouble for you. I don't know exactly what he might try and charge you with, but it wouldn't surprise me too much if he tried 'dangerous driving' on because it must be dangerous, right? So you fight it. What if the magistrate agrees with him? You know and I know it isn't, but what do you do about a non-riding judge who deals with motorcycle idiots for half his working time every day, who just knows this is a stupid and dangerous thing to do? I'll bet you the law is either very vague or non-existent on this.
  14. a rope ladder, like ninjas use.
    or bugger the ladder, just get some ninja climbing claws
  15. seriously though, you can make a fairly big rack to suit your bike. or get one made. consider how far you can extend the rack forward over the pillion seat area. additional mounting struts go to the pillion pegs mounting points on the frame and it can manage a fair load. and you could go as wide as your bars and still split traffic.
    i'm actually toying with the idea of converting a supersports into a streetfighter into a b&s ute. by fitting an alloy tray and tossing a swag and a kelpie on there.
    then i'm of to do some circle work and root drunk bush pigs
  16. Could try this:

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  17. Could you have a ventura rack with the flat piece facing towards the back of the bike and then hook one of the ladder steps onto the rack? so the ladder will stand upright at the rear of the bike.
  18. We keep our old postie bikes to carry our boards down the surf. Getting through Hastings street in Noosa to the points is a total nightmare Otherwise. And if it's a quite time of year, being naughty and riding them through to A Bay ha ha.
    One rack sits out wide from the rear where it normally carries the bag with just a thin U tubing covered in foam to wedge the board in. And the other off the front crash bar.
    I take anything from my 6'2 beach break board to my 7' mini mal with no worries so a 4' ladder would not be a problem.
    I have it on the right cause I hardly ever put my right foot down.
    You can also out a 98lt tub on the back as well to carry other crap.
  19. If you come up with a way to mount each bottom rung around the pillion pegs and a way to hold it upright from maybe a rear rack frame, you could carry it open and astride the bike in much the way as you carry a pillion.

    If it rises no higher than your helmet and is well secured, it could be a goer.

    Depending on the bike, there's a fair chance the forward-facing legs would be on or against the pillion pegs, with the rear-facing side secured higher up to the fairly usual sort of Ventura-type frame at the rear of the seat.

    You likely would need to devise a system to get the attachment points in the right place by either fitting bits to the ladder itself, the bike rack and pillion hangers, or the lot. A bit of simple bracketeering and whatever you want to use to fasten/release it each time and you're set.

    But maybe check with the state road people about what parameters you have to work within to carry stuff on a bike.
  20. What about this?

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