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Lack of Victoria Police staff means hoons escape the crusher - News.com.au

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Lack of Victoria Police staff means hoons escape the crusher

    by: Amelia Harris from:Herald Sun January 05, 201312:00AM

    HOONS' cars are not being crushed because Victoria Police is too short-staffed to do the paperwork.
    Police have been told not to apply for crushing orders for road menaces' cars because the number of public servants in the vehicle impound unit has been slashed by as much as two-thirds.

    The unsworn staff complete paperwork for the applications on behalf of police.

    The staff shortage means hoons are getting their cars back after a month, instead of having them impounded for longer or crushed.

    Should hoons' cars be crushed? Have your say below.

    Police sources, road safety advocates, the police union and the State Opposition have slammed the decision, saying it sent the wrong message and put lives at risk.

    "What's the point of having the law if we can't do anything with it? It's pretty outrageous," one officer said.

    The move is an embarrassment to the Baillieu Government, which vowed to get tough on hoons and promised frontline services would not be affected by axing 4200 public sector jobs as part of its "sustainable government initiative".

    Victoria Police last night admitted the number of applications for extended seizures and crushing of hoon cars was being restricted because of a shortage of staff in the unit.

    But the police and the Government dismissed claims that was caused by budget cuts.

    Road Policing Acting Superintendent Russell Wynd said: "Due to a number of vacancies at the Vehicle Impound Unit (VIU), measures have been introduced to assist with prioritising the workload.

    "This is a temporary situation only - VIU is recruiting new staff to fill these positions, which will reconcile the situation."

    Acting Premier and Police Minister Peter Ryan, said: "The Vehicle Impoundment Unit currently has a number of vacancies that are expected to be filled in the future."

    Neither the police nor the Government would explain how the staffing situation in the unit had been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that it had stalled the anti-hoon program.

    Penny Martin, whose son Josh, 17, died at the hands of a drinking and speeding driver in 2001, said the public was being given a false sense of security they were being protected from hoons.

    "Lives are being put at risk because that driver is not getting treated as the legislation was intended," Ms Martin said.

    Police Association assistant secretary Bruce McKenzie said if there was any instruction to officers not to proceed with the hoon legislation, that would be "appalling".

    Under the Government's hoon reforms, road menaces have their car impounded for 30 days on the spot.

    But police can apply to the courts to have the cars of those who commit the most serious offences, or are repeat offenders, impounded for up to a further three months.

    The courts can order permanent forfeiture of cars.

    About 170 cars were crushed in 2012.

    Opposition police spokeswoman Jacinta Allan said the cuts meant community safety was being affected.

    - with Mark Buttler

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/lack-of-victoria-police-staff-means-hoons-escape-the-crusher/story-e6frfkp9-1226547860287#ixzz2HBEA9PXx
  2. I don't see what the problem is with existing punishments from fines, licence suspension right up to jail, that it is also necessary to crush cars.
  3. i don't support any of this mandatory sentancing for dummies shit... the legislation thats been spewed from our pollies and their system is rubbish... there's already legislation there, if cops weren't so frigging stupid they could learn it and use it... it's not like "hooning" is a new phenomenom.

    how bout crushing some caravans for not staying on the left side of the road round blind corners?
  4. how about crushing drunk's cars at the 3rd offence..
  5. Why give em 2 chances?
  6. So it was the hooning that caused the death of Penny Martin's son and not the fact that the driver was under the influence of alcohol?

    From that, I agree with you there foot69, but maybe 2nd time.

    Not possible to auction off the vehicle as a spare parts only vehicle? As in put the VIN of the chassis in a class similar to the stat write off, so can never be registered again, however the parts can still be used. I just find it inefficient to be wasting a whole car.
  7. There's ZERO reason to be destroying these cars. Aside from the fact that they're being STOLEN from the owners by the government, they're removing cars from the potential used market, and thus contributing to the ridiculously high prices of vehicles in this country.
  8. How will that stop them from drink driving in the future?
  9. I too cannot see how the state sanctioned theft of a persons property will change anything. Aren't their own figures showing the exact opposite with the number of people being charged under hoon legislation increasing?
  10. I don't agree with the laws - however they do actually sell those that are worth selling - rather than crush them. The crushing laws, do allow them to be sold with proceeds going to the state.
  11. I fail to see how it's right that something that I've bought with my own legally obtained money can be removed from my possession because I committed an offence under the road law.

    It's wrong, it's nothing more the state sanctioned theft, and achieves precisely nothing.
  12. I tend to agree and it is more than likely unconstitutional. As such, I wonder if they have ever confiscated something of any significant value? I can't see them taking some persons $100k+ car and risking it ending in court with the laws found to be unlawful
  13. If memory serves, it happened in WA. A mechanic was caught speeding in a customers Ferrari, the car was confiscated, but later returned.

    edit: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wes...i-in-northbridge/story-e6frg13u-1226395640682

  14. I wonder if the same basis can be used to argue the rms' mandate that section 10.1(a) only be used once in five years