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Lack of power on take-off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TheShak, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Hi gang,

    It's been a wee while since I've posted anything, been mainly lurking around the site trying to soak up all I can.

    My first post was https://netrider.net.au/threads/dropped-it-50-metres-from-the-dealers.162632/
    which summarised basically was me dropping the bike shortly after picking her up from the dealers.
    Looking back on it previously, I'd put it all down to me basically being a noob, not letting her warm up enough (?), getting the friction point wrong, target fixation and grabbing a handful of front brake.

    But now, after a weird thing happened happened after I took off from an intersection the other day, I'm inclined to think that there's something else that I'm not considering.

    So here's what happened. I've been riding to work for nearly 3 months now nearly every day Monday to Friday and I've got the whole check her over, turn her on and warm her up, gear up routine down pat mostly (shocking I know) and ran through it as per normal. Rode down to a T-intersection where I join on to a main road in a fairly slow speed as my street and the adjacent ones are fairly quiet and I like my neighbours.
    So I got to the T-intersection where I was turning left on to the main road, I'm in first gear, I spot a gap and I take-off... only to find the bike seemingly not having any power even though I've released the clutch already. I'm thinking "oh crap, i'm going to get creamed by the car coming up behind me".
    Then, without twisting the throttle any further, the bike picked up power all of a sudden and accelerated! Fortunately i'm now not as noobish (thanks BBM!), I didn't panic and grab the break, just rolled off the throttle smoothly and steadily applied the brakes.

    Now, the main reason why I'm posting this here is - what do you reckon might have happened to cause this?
    Well that and wanting to lay to rest why I dropped her the first time I picked her up from the dealers. Yes it was a NOOB moment, but am I wrong in wanting to not beat myself up so much over it? ;-)

    Any and all feedback most appreciated even if it's just to say "yeah, you just sucked"

  2. Did the engine revs go up or did the engine bog down?

    Only the once?
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    new bike but crap floating in the carbs?
    or it just sucks when cold?
    or just not run in yet?
  4. Mine does exactly what you have described on occasion and getting worse. I cleaned the carbs and still happens. Im thinking mine is due to flooding, probably the float needle (well thats what im going to try anyway). Good luck with yours(y)
  5. the revs didn't go up until probably a couple of seconds after I'd taken off, it just felt sluggish.
  6. I got it second-hand in August last year with 12k on the odometer so you'd think it'd be run in already?
    I don't believe it was cold as i warmed it up as I usually when leaving for work around 8.30
  7. thanks, you too! :) it's only the second time that I've had it do that to me. all the other times the power is there. And it's not as if I did anything different this time. It was all the same routine that I usually follow to get going for work.
  8. Mine only happened a couple times after I bought it and only after a long ride (150ks). Now it happens more often and after 15 mins
  9. she's due for a service so I'll bring it up with the mechanic and see what they say. I'd hate for it to start happening more frequently!
  10. Cool.let it's know the outcome,i could be wrong with my diagnosis
  11. The bike's fcuked. I'll give you $5 for it... :p

  12. yes, it's looking like a float needle not seating properly.
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  13. Any ideas if that's an expensive thing to sort out? Its only the second time its happened so it must be a small problem?
  14. I priced mine for the Suzuki across and the part is $56 each. I'm not sure about the ninja or if it's best to replace both at the same time. I'll be doing the work myself so i have no idea of labour costs
  15. Takes only a few minutes once carbs are off. Should only take ten min to get carbs off. Doubt you need new one.
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  16. Not sure I agree with 10minutes getting the carbs off. Some bikes it can be half a day.

    The Ninja I'm guessing all up it's a 2 hr exercise in and out. so $200.

    They might be able to take the bowls off without takeng the carbies off. From your description it doesn't sound too bad. Put some injector cleaner through it as it might just be a bit of gum.
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  17. It's sluggish because it's a 250.
    Mine used to do that to, I just kept the revs up higher at take off. It would also bog for a second if I gave it a handful suddenly, cheap bike cheap carbs.
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  18. Need more revs while taking off. Low revs with full throttle still results in no power.
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  19. gotcha, will give that a try :) thanks
  20. hehehe I'm a newbie, I can't compare it to anything else ;-)
    I usually have no problems and its only the second time its happened in the few months that I've commuted with her daily.