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lack of demo's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by whitelighter, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. :? :?: im now looking to upgrade after coming off restrictions but am finding it hard to locate demo's i am stuck on the decision between a VFR800 and a GSX750F have heard alot of good things about both and want to take a test ride yet with the immanent relese of the 2008 modles it seams that nobody has them in as a demo would any one here be willing to let me have a run on there VFR or GSXF as i realy would like to get a fell of the 2 bikes to try and help make the choice as to wich way i want to go

  2. Man those 2 choices is like eating pasta without sauce. Bland!
  3. The gsxf sure, not so much the vfr.

    CBR600 is more bland than the vfr imo.
  4. Holy smoke batman! there is around $6500.00 dollars in price diff between these 2 bikes when new.

    So price wise you are not comparing coconuts.
  5. When my husabnd upgraded from 250 to a bigger bike he rode everything he could get his hands on, finally got down to the choice of a Bird or a Hyabusa - and told the sales people he had to bring them home for me to look at before he could say yes - and 3 dealers let him bring them home for the night! gave him a chance to ride his commuter route and see which suited his 'normal' riding.

    He ended up on the Blackbird because of the difference in Insurance quotes - and I think the Suzuki's aint as pretty!
  6. All of you are dumped. I have found my true love right here :LOL:
  7. :) Thanks Vic!

    Friend has a 'Busa - behind his back i call it a f**ked up Picasso... but the black does look reasonably ok...
  8. Out of the 3 bikes i have bought new, i only had the chance to test ride the 14. The 12 and the Boulevard i just bought them, and my test ride was on my way home.. :grin:
  9. I call them the "EYE-ABUSER" they are so damn ugly!!!!
  10. For some strange reason, Suzuki dealers take offence when you insult the 'Busa... but they always throw an insult at the Blackbird when I mention it - how to stop a sale before a test ride - offend my husband's ride!!
  11. Im a test ride junkie my self and i find dealer attituudes vary hugely.From followin you round the block on another bike to casually chuckin ya the keys for a few hours.Spose it depends how many bike have been binned or flogged to death.
  12. It also makes a difference whether you have hung around at the dealers getting to know the salespeople a little before you want to go for a ride. My hubby has never had a problem getting test rides from the local Honda dealer. As for the VFR vs GSXR, if you regularly take pillions, you might want to consider their comfort too. :grin: The VFR being the genuine 2 seater.
  13. VFR rocks, bigger rear whell then the GXF thingo, More power, sporty and touring ability. Loads of accessories and the Vtec.....wooohoo.
    An extra boost when everyone else is flogging the tits of there bike.

    Love my Viffer. Camping friendly, and comfortable.

    It eats Firestorms.... :shock:

    yeah thats right Vic, my bike would eat yours. with sauce :p
  14. I don't think they look that horrible. I look at a Buell and instantly start stabbing my eyes with a rusty fork. Especially the "u'g'lysses" :shock