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Labour problems for Harley Davidson

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. news.com.au is reporting a major labour dispute at Harley's main factory as workers defy a new enterprise agreement regime.

    The gloriously-named Union preident Tom Buffenbarger makes a good point when he says;

    "When Harley was flat on its back in the 1980s, it was union members who refused to let it die. Harley went on to become an international success story but they've obviously forgotten how they got this far."

  2. With record sales this year as well,which Im sure was due to superior management stratgeies implementing world class production methods, such as "six sigma" and "lean" and IN NO WAY,reflective of the productions workforce efforts-WHAT-SO-EVER :!:
    Gee,is it obvious Im a Labour voter :grin:
  3. Labour problems, I always thought Harleys were fat but never suspected they might be pregnant. Still I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise if they spent the 80's flat on their back :LOL:.
  4. Did some-one mention six sigma?
    That wonderful wank from the '90s when management were keen to find new and effective ways of providing an excuse to hold even more fruitless meetings and inter company exchanges of email?
  5. It's true, I have seen many Harley's labouring.

    Too good to resist.
  6. yeah, and going downhill in first gear too!
  7. Yes thats the same one-when you go to a meeting with 12 other people and the most important person in the room-obviously your manager-who coincidently enough wherever the company is, often has an M.B.A. ,holds the floor and basically pontificates for 2 hours :blah: as everyone else exchanges glances of a 8-[ geez "is this guy ever going to make his point and shut up look" is exchanged with comrades and :blah: manager says what everyone else could have said in 20 mins.
  8. Aaahhhh. another one who has suffered the pain........

    I saw that add doing the rounds on the net... the "get respect" one with the husband hiding in the closet while the Harley rider rides up to "have relations" with his wife.

    And then I thought of how it seems that the current Harley buying demographic is the 30-45yr old male quasi mid-life crisis types who are trying to define their manhood by cruising around on something that has the characteristics of a massey ferguson tractor.....

    Does Harley Davidson Management actually think that anyone else is going to be sucked in by their pathetic attempt at "real" manhood?
  9. You also forgot that what they end up saying is typical commonsense, and you would have probably done it that way anyway if the company had allowed you to do it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. but how would the CEO/BOM get to give themselves all those "bonuses" and self congratulatory pats on the back if some-one from the "coalface" actually came up with the idea?
    Ye Gods! Even the name is a pile of crap!

    Anyway back to the topic... Does that mean no more Harleys in AU? (rubbing hands in anticipation....)
  11. Yet another wanker that can quote some stereotypical bullshit and bash HD.....nice one brainiac..... :applause:
  12. Their racing department is still on the job though, right? And marketing?
  13. Having a joke there so dry your eyes princess.
    Truth be told, while I'm not into Harleys I do love v-twins and I like the Buell's (they're Harleys right? - owned by them).

    Oh and as for the brainiac thing, better check your spelling of "stereotypical" too :grin: [/b][/u]
  14. Harley bashers are just as pathetic and single minded as those they are having a go at.
  15. didn't marlon ride a triumph mate? :LOL:
  16. Harley bashing? Did I hear/read Harley bashing? Here's a site:


    Uh oh....I'm going to duck and run for cover before "1%s" and "patches" are mentioned...

    The worst part about Labour issues in any industry or company is the uncertainty it brings to those directly affected. Maybe it's the recession they had to have?



    PS Own and ride what ever you like - UJB, Harley, Eurotrash, I really don't care. As long as you ride it!
  17. Yeah but the big difference is Harley bashers have a sense of humour :p.
  18. +1
    But it also pays to have an ability to accept people taking the piss over your ride!
    I heard all the Daewoo/Hyundai crap with my Hyosung to the point where I used to refer to the bike as a Hyundai!!
  19. I was going to come back with something, but actually... you might be right! :cry:
  20. The thread was actually intended to be a serious discussion of an industry matter that has implications for the Australian market-place. It's a pity some people couldn't resist the opportunity to show how childish they are :cry:.