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Labour Day w/e

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by booga, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. So I went up to Walhalla this past weekend, on the CBR, and went for a little off-road trip, on the Sunday tho, I got a flat front tyre, and the guys camping next to us had dirt bikes :grin:

    One offered me a ride, and his son took me up some of the fire trails up there, had a good time, esp as this was my first 'real' time on a dirt bike in a dirt situation, nearly came off a couple of times but held it all together, just letting the bike do its thing under me... it almost fell over once, but the back wheel just dug in and we kept on going :grin:

    Will have to have another look into what i can pickup for these situations :-w
  2. Thought that was what the old XL or SL isnt? was for Dave :grin:
  3. Heh, I wish, being a '72 model its short on breath these days, i don't think it would have handled these 40deg hills too well...
    maybe it just needs a new piston and rings put in it to give it a bit of compression :grin: