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Labor vs Liberal infighting

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Thoughts???

    wish they would run our country for once, all liberals have in defense against labor is 1 email sent by a liberal and a car yard, fair dinkum
  2. The government loves this BS.
    It stops the people from worrying about the economy. It gives them something else to think about.
  3. I see this coming back and biting the libs.
  4. Sorry have they produced the email or are they still just asserting that it exists?
  5. news writes that the cops found the email got sent from Malcolm Turnbulls office
  6. They found the email, and ascertained its a fake. LOL

    Kevin's car dealer mate has never had this much fee publicity in his life, his dealership will be famous. LOL
  7. and for once george bush gets it right

  8. If that is the case and can be proved he can be done for misleading parliament…
    That would be an interesting turn of events.
  9. BS. I've just watched the news and the 7.30 report, and what we know so far is that the email was fabricated (it was sent by someone other than the apparent sender) and most likely from within the treasury. The only thing hurting the opposition is that Turnbull claimed it was from the PM's office (and made a big fuss about it), and that has turned out to be false.
  10. My dad used to say that politicians are like bananas; they start out green, they finish up yellow and there isn't a straight one amongst them.
  11. One up for the labor party.

    But the way they're carrying on, you'd think they'd won the next election. I dunno what makes them think this is the most crucial issue of the hour.
  12. they say question time on apac channel will get more viewers than state of origin game on wed lol
  13. Turnbull will ensure another term of labor.
    He is not real bright, for a successful, educated man.
    Go Ruddy ;)
  14. agreed, go kev :)
  15. game set match

    turnbull, resign now, go turn some bulls

    hockey, please hang yourself, u are a disgrace
  16. Proof, once again, that regardless of whom you vote for the Government gets in!
  17. It's made the Liberals look pathetic.

    Australia doesn't even need a kickarse Opposition, just a half-decent alternative would do.

    ... please?
  18. It's certainly shown Turnbull's lack of experience. A resignation from his seat may not be in order, but a stint on the back bench is.
  19. Yeah, but who would the libs let in? I'm a bit of a Liberal sympathiser and there aren't too many I'd vote for. Maybe not even Turnbull. BRING IN MAL BROUGH! Ahem.

    Malcolm should have sat on that one longer. He probably didn't want to give them a chance to forumate a decent response, but he stuffed up on this. I think the whole situation was a bit of beat up. I don't think they should keep concentrating on Rudd's Integrity. I really hate the bloke, but he's got weaker points than that.

    The last thing the libs should do is let the raving, frothing catchphrase-spewing front labor to get media time. They're so well groomed for that it's almost dangerous to stick them in front of a camera at all.