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Labor or Liberal Netrider poll

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Labor

    33 vote(s)
  2. Liberal

    23 vote(s)
  1. Ive seen the newspaper polls, the tv polls, now lets see what Netrider thinks

    now if u vote for say greens, that vote will go to labor, so if u want to vote shooters party or something else you need to know where their preference goes to, otherwise the list would be huge..

  2. Re: Labor, Liberal or Greens, Netrider poll

    Dont forget the independants
  3. I don't think the shooters stand federally anymore.
  4. as above, preference?
  5. of course you can always allocate your own preferences as you see fit.
  6. was just using it as an example QW
  7. lol i can see this pole being a bit tough (only at netrider)
  8. you've stuffed it again!!!!!
  9. so what should the list be

    Labor / Greens
    Liberal / National
    Family First
    Other (please specify)

  10. wheres the sex party?
  11. separate Labor from Greens
  12. and thats it?

    Liberal / National
    Family First
    Other (please specify)
  13. ........
  14. lol

  15. ok, labor and liberal it is :D
  16. just labour and liberal.

    anything else just becomes messy
  17. Should split the Libs and Nationals. It would be interesting to see all the primary preferences.
  18. Ineligible?
  19. Neither, they are both as bad as each other, none of them can lie straight in bed.
  20. I would join labour and greens, they are one and the same. Labour isn't getting my vote purely based on the fact that they bow down before the greens and suck bob brown off. Then you have garret, who is nothing more than a green hiding in the labour party. Dont get me started. Labour has stuck the fist up every australian and totally screwed this country in less than one term, a record breaker for any party that has ever been in power.

    BTW, it should be illegal for a stand in prime minister to call an election just after being put into power by those who did not vote for her. When you vote for your local member, you are voting for the prime minister. I did not vote for gillard. Now she is calling an election before she has a chance to prove herself, and whilst still in the honeymoon period. Its a joke.