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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phanoongy, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. What’s with all this bad luck ive been having!!! I come home to find out my father thought as I won’t be riding my bike that he would move it around to the back yard, well guess what….he dropped it and busted the screen!!!!! i think i may as well stick my head in an oven and just end it all!

  2. lol...tough luck.

    You know what they say, you can choose your enemies but.....
  3. Jeez .. I hope you got his insurance details ? :)

  4. A mate's mum in sydney backed over his ducati when he had it in the backyard.
    15 grand damage he couldnt afford to fix and his mum's insurance refused to pay because the incident was in the house and between relatives who live there.
    THATS tough luck.
  5. Justin.. remind me to give you a four leaf clover, a rabbits foot.. a shark tooth.. anything to give you better luck! :roll: :)
  6. Buy an iridium double-bubble and send him the bill, that's what dads' are for :)
  7. You really aren't having a good start to the year are you Justin? Now might be a good time to upgrade the screen to an MRA tinted double bubble.
  8. i am thinking about a db but im also thinking an Iridium red one from powerbronze
    and as for the goodluck stuff thnks CBC but i think im past the point of saving!

  9. dads not dad's.
  10. Hmm.. yeah, actually I think you need a sign that says "KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN" :shock: :? :roll:
  11. for you, i dont even need to be down
  12. Well, you can always look at it from this perspective.......

    things can only get better.

    But I know what you mean Justin, There are days when you could just crawl into a hole and stay there :?
  13. Yes, I had the same situation....my grandfather backed into my beloved first car....a Ford Escort.....and you guessed it....insurance refused to pay, for the same reasons as mentioned above! :evil:

    Best of luck for the future mate! :LOL:
  14. Hang in there buddy. That bad luck has to run out at some stage.
  15. So remember people, if your mum/dad runs over your Duke in the back garden take it straight out into the street and get them to do it again (by accident of course).
  16. Careful or someone might get the wrong impression ..you're easy but not cheap? :wink: :D