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La Porchetta founder killed in motorcycle crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. La Porchetta founder dies in motorbike crash

    The millionaire founder of the La Porchetta pizza restaurant chain has been killed in a motorcycle crash in St Kilda this afternoon.

    Rocco 'Rocky' Pantaleo, the former Italian migrant turned pizza chef and philanthropist, died when his motorbike collided with a car at the busy St Kilda Junction - a notorious road-accident blackspot - about 11.30am.

  2. Aw man. That's no good. I didn't know him personally, but we are regulars at Rathdowne street La Porchetta and everyone felt like they were his guest when they ate there.
    There are many legends (some of them even true) about this larger than life character. Will be sadly missed by my family and many others.
  3. This is all over the news.

    Ciao Rocky - now you get to spin the lucky wheel somewhere else.
  4. RIP Dude, Your North Melb store has been a great place to end up at after many a Mystery Rides.
  5. It's funny how 1/2 way thru the article it mentions him being tried for murdering one of his clients but getting away with it. Maybe they're trying to imply its karma. Anyway he must have had a good mouth piece to get him off that charge.
  6. I live very very very close to that intersection and saw the bike down and cops everywhere this morning. I've been saying since I moved here that intersection was gonna get someone killed, it was just a matter of time :( I go through it twice a day and I'm super paranoid about it every time.
  7. That's just sad. My partner and I have eaten at his restaurant far too often, and my wife often has a g'day or quick chat with him - he even gave her his number and suggested we call him and go riding together. That's the sort of welcoming person that I experienced him as.
  8. RIP Rocky.
  9. Having frequented his stores especially Carlton and North Melbourne and seen the number of various customers from all walks of life it is a sad sad day to see him go.
    We have spoken to his son and daughter many times at the carlton store and they couldn't be nicer people.
    Yes he was no angel but he was a very very good business man.
    Sorely missed.
  10. I have seen him many times giving the staff a bit of mouth, and also very public praise when it was deserved. There was no polite silence with Rocco, it was all out in the open. There have been many stories swirling around about him, and some, I think, he liked to embellish himself. But for those who have heard the bad ones, remember also the terrible things that were done to him, and those I never heard him talk about.
  11. I worked at a la porchetta store in melbourne. It was the absolute worst job ever. Got paid shit, got treated like shit. Ended up quitting in a rage, and an loud exchange of words.
    The food was good though.
  12. Food service is like retail: Not many people are working it because it's a desirable job. Those jobs have a negative reputation for a reason.
  13. I had the misfortune to see this story on channel 9 news tonight And the way he was treated by the channel 9 reporter was disgraceful .

    concentrating on his past driving/riding record . And only giving a passing mention to the cause of the fatality ,

    Very biased reporting
  14. That's what you get for watching channel 9.
  15. Yes I know'' but I get so sick of the constant kicking of motorbike rides by the mainstream Media ,

    I know it is what it is '''and nothing we can do about it

    But it still p*ss's me off And that's my right.
  16. I missed the article. What did they put the cause of the fataility down to, if it is okay to ask? I mean Channel 9's view, that is.
  17. This is from the Police officer investigating the crash on channel nine so it's not mindless speculating.
    They are examining traffic camera videos of the incident to see if witness reports were accurate that the vehicle he collided with ran a red light.
  18. Thanks Smee. I wasn't suggesting it was speculating. I really did miss the article and was interested as I hadn't read anything about the cause. I may have missed it in any updates.

    Thanks again.

  19. No worries mate my comment was in general context and in no way reflecting your question.
    It is quite a shame the way he went on his way to his beloved Grand prix
  20. Didn't know he murdered someone.