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la de da de da, stop, look go.. oh poo a bike STOP , Freeze

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dante, May 5, 2006.

  1. Was traveling the back residential roads out to the old highway north to go north of sydney. bouvardia st, and this 4WD pulls out of mills av, doesnt see me, then does but STOPS in the middle of the road.

    now im doing the speed limit here , 50 residential area.

    end result.

    emergency swerve across around the front of the 4WD (it felt like things were going slow motion at this point) up around into mills AV then back on the way i was goin...

    bloody hell was lucky on this one.

    learners that are out there, remember even if you are in an area you know 1 minute from home. be on your guard, some dozy 4wd is just waitng to pull out in front of you..

    anyway had a good little ride after that, sleddog/infinity anytime. calmed me down a bit too.

    and a nice little blond, at lights at gosford noice bike she says. if i didnt have a destination to be at i would of followed to woy woy. :D

    p.s no breaking of mirros, punching in of windscreens for me or arguing stoping on side of road.. im too lazy..
  2. Good post mate just proves it can happen anywhere :shock:
    Good to see you got out of it ok and had a good ride afterwards :cool:
  3. Was that blonde in the little red car ,i thought she was talking to you ,you big stud .
    We had a great day out ,.
    If you havn't been to road warriors cafe on the old road ,stop in and have a drink ,see Max the owner great guy and chat to other riders .
    See if we can do it all again next friday,love the road down to gosford .