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La Corsa Universal Rear Stand

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Lugo, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. After having the convenience of a centre stand on my previous Suzuki GS500F, I've been finding it rather difficult performing simple tasks like lubricating the chain on my new ER-6N.

    The decision quickly arose that I needed to get myself a rear stand pronto. I inquired at the dealership where I purchased the bike, and was shown a couple of stands they have available which were all $200+ per stand. If I were taking the bike down the track, and planning on using the stand to wheel the bike around and so on and so fourth I'd probably think one of these viable, but for the convenience of lifting the rear wheel on the odd occasion I might want to get under the bike seems a bit ludicrous to me, so I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

    Didn't take long to stumble across the La Corsa stand on the Peter Stevens website, and for $89.96 I mean how could you go wrong, right?

    So off I went this morning, down to Ringwood Peter Stevens to have a look-see. They had one on display, amongst probably a dozen different models on display. One of the girls working came up to offer some assistance, and quickly clarified the differences between the La Corsa stand and many of the more expensive units available. I regret not getting the girls name, she was of great help and it would've been great to give positive feedback on the chance someone who reads this may know her.

    The prominent differences seem to be 3-piece vs 1-piece construction, and the quality of the wheels. The 1-piece construction is stronger, as are the higher grade wheels, both mostly important if you plan on wheeling the bike around on the stand. Since I plan only to leave it stationary when on the stand, I made the decision to give the La Corsa a go, grabbing some Sharp Racing 10mm Silver Pickups to match.

    First impressions, well firstly it's backpack friendly being only partially assembled out of the box, so you can go buy one on your bike expecting to get it home! All the components are solid and once constructed it's very rigid, I have complete confidence it in supporting the weight of the bike plus more.

    In terms of assembly, my only gripe is there are no instructions provided, though really unnecessary considering the simplicity of putting it together (there's 2 bolts plus 2 V-Shape pickups), everything is marked so you don't put it together backwards. It's adjustable to varying bike widths, I simply lined it up on the rear swing-arm pickups then tightened it finger tight, moved it away and tightened with an Allen key (not provided).

    What else can I say, I took the cheaper option based on limit use and thus far I'm very happy with what I have picked up for less than $100. It's probably not ideal for those who wish to move the bike around a lot, as the wheels are small and don't have great clearance for uneven surfaces, but if it's for home use, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

    Product Link:


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  2. does the job you want it for? Then it's a good purchase, congrats :) you have no excuses for not doing your own oil and filter changes now!! lol
  3. Just the review I was looking for - need a stand tomorrow.

  4. I'd been thinking about a rear stand too, just for chain oiling and similar jobs. Sounds like this one is a good choice for occasional use at home. Thanks for pointing it out and reviewing it.
  5. Most welcome guys. Glad I can be of assistance in some way :)

    Not that there's much to update, but I've used this a fair bit in the last month, including leaving the bike up on it over night a fair few times, still rigid as, no signs of wear or issues with weight, I've even added my weight sitting on the bike (as not recommended) when doing things on it without issue thus far. Can't complain for the money!