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L Plates......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LowIsuzu, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. i did a quick search to see if anyone has asked about wearing L plates, and the consequences of not wearing one, couldnt find anything,
    so can someone shead some light on this topic,

    if i get pulled over by the po-po without an L plate displayed, and they are not in the mood for giving warnings, what sort of fine will i be receiving, and do i lose any points?

    the reason why i ask is i know how annoyed i get when a learner gets in the way, and i have seen how learners, (car and bike) get treated on the roads, with not so much respect (im not saying everyone treats em like this). i have had friends who have suggested i either take off the big yellow plate, or conceal it somehow, so as not to get botherd by the idiot drivers that inhabit our roads.

    its not like i do anything to provoke people on the road to get stuck into me, but i dont want to be treated with the lack of respect like some of the poor learners i see.
  2. Dont know fines or penalties for Canberra, but everone has to do their time...

    I'd go with just putting up with it for 3 months... I tend to be more forgiving for Learners anyway (esp on bike, maybe not in a cage :oops: )
  3. Sure some people are morons LowIsuzu but it's better to put up your L plates since normal drivers know when they see a L plate driver/rider to back off.
  4. ACT Road Transport Dept:
    (02) 6207 2503
  5. as others have said i fine now that the plates gone i fine alot more car willing to tailgate me, and actually show you alot less respect inregards to riding room..... but i notice the solution to this problem is just twist the wrist a little further/harder :wink:
  6. I noticed a lot of shit like tailgating and so on when I had my car L's but that was 10 yrs ago.

    Maybe its a Canberra thing :evil:
  7. I found it the other way around. L Plates on, cars much more willing to tailgate. And also lot less respect.
  8. when i was on my car L's, i only ever experienced one knob jockey tryin to hassle me, but he soon sped off. but since then i see it more often now.

    a mate of mine ripped a corner off an L plate off, and bolted it to the numberplate, so u can barely see it. he was pulled over by the coppers and told them "the stupid kids down the street seem to think its funny to keep ripping off my L Plates" lol, 1 warning, 0 fines.

    it really doesnt bother me too much, just wanted to see the general opinion...
  9. yeah. i got a few knobs trying to stuff around with me when i was on my Ls. not wanting to be racist or anything but it was quite often foooly sikkk habibs in their turbo charged mazdas bro and only on their P plates.wasnt often and if you don't play their game their 30 second attention span is over and they drive off. i just let them go past and quietly cursed them to an eternity in the flaming fires of hell while i concentrated on learning to ride and thinking how much fun it is :D
  10. A friend od mine got pulled over not displaying a L plate about a month ago $110.00 fine and 3 points.

    but maybe the cop was a bit pissed cause he was doing 115ks in a 90k zone riding a 750cc, so threw the book at him...

    and before anybody asks, no he didnt ride the bike away. The cop waited there until he seen the bike loaded onto a trailer before he left..
  11. *edited post away*

  12. back when i was on my L's for car yeah i got alotta crap. L's on bike though i've had no probs. in fact people actually back off me and give me more room
  13. if you're really keen on not wearing it, attach a strip of gaffa tape along the bottom of your numberplate. then if pulled over and questioned, point to the strip and say something along the lines of, "gee officer, it was there when i did my safety check before riding today - it must have fallen off" ;)

    (hypothetically, i may or may not have done this and been pulled over on numerous occasions and never fined however on the grounds i may or may not incriminate myself i'll leave it as a theoretical proposal)
  14. I got booked recently for not having my L's on. It was at a random breath test. They didnt check any of the cagers licences but I suppose being on a bike you get that. I got a $110 fine but NO demerit points luckily (Victoria).

    Since then I have left them on :eek:
  15. didnt cop much shi t with my l's on. not that i can remember.. :(

    with the p's i get a lot more people willing to drag and girlies looking at me. maybe its just cos im a stud

    then again, it IS only for 3 months but now that i think about it i havn't been pulled over once yet on the bike, RBT havn't waved me in either.. only been pulled over once in the cage and that was when i was caught by highway patrol :( :( :( WEE ORR WEE ORR toot toot

    anyone going to hawthorn rmit tomorrow morning?? c u thereeeee