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"L" Plates

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Undertaker666, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. What is it with people when they see "L" Plates on the back of your bike?
    I always thought it meant that the rider is a learner (the reason for the yellow L). But apparently it means, "this guy is a learner and we should beep our horns at him, abuse him then try to run him off the road.
    Got up early this morning and thought I would go for a nice leisurely ride. Went from Rowville to Warrandyte, then to Ringwood and Lilydale. On the way back, I went down Dorset Road. Going through Boronia (near Dorset Rd & Boronia Rd), it is a 40 zone, so I was doing 40. Some wanker in a lancer decided 40 was just not acceptable so decided to tailgate me, beep the horn constantly and the came on my right and started yelling at me to get off the effing road.
    Came to a set of lights that were red, so I got off the bike and approached this wanker to advise him that I found his language quite offensive and that if I saw him on the road again, I would rip his testicles off and make him eat it while his girlfriend watched. Then I would put it on YouTube.
    However, this clown decided that he had an important appointment he was running late for and decided to go through the red light and leave.
    He wanted to be a hero in front of his girlfriend, but it looks like it backfired on him.

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  2. If I see an L Plate on the back of a car or a bike I always give them ample room.
    Some react the way you have experienced. If you can. it's best to just move over and let them past. Let them get agro and spoil their own day.
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  3. Some people are just impatient muppets that feel tuff in their car. Probably has small man syndrome.
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  4. I agree Sherlock about moving over and give them room to pass.
    The part often road I was on is 2 lanes both ways. I was in the left lane and he had the right one he could have used. There was hardly any other cars on the road. But no, he wanted the lane I was in.
    I hope the pricks Easter bunny gets mixamatosis.

  5. First 30 seconds seems somewhat appropriate.
  6. Jumping off the bike and physically threatening another road user is probably not a really smart thing to do. Especially if the other party has a "witness". Glad you got away with it. Unless I'm in a hurry, I'd be more likely to turn off the road and maybe find a new and more interesting route along the way. For me a longer more pleasant ride is rarely a problem.
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  7. Was not threatening at all. Just got off the bike and approached his car to give him a piece of my mind, but he just ran the read light to piss off? I suppose being 6'3" would seem threatening to some.
    However, next time will take your advice and turn off to another road.
  8. One of the most effective safety mods is to 'lose' the L/P plate. Traffic will treat you as a normal motorist in an instant. Try it out and get back to us.

    L/P plates tend to work like red flags do to bulls in Barcelona. Plenty of such anecdotes exist, and it is consistent with my own experience. The fact that they, in general, produce adverse reactions suggests that traffic authorities aren't doing enough to educate the public and/or enforce compliance. Perhaps they can't be bothered, or it isn't lucrative enough.
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  9. Going for my full license when I get back from Thailand at the end of May. Can't wait to lose the L's. Also can't wait to go to Thailand?
  10. when he was screamin at ya, you should have just waved at his girlfriend instead, if she was hot!
    if she waved back or smiled, that would have just made the wankers day :nopity:
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  11. I agree with you on this one alexandrino, the only problem is if you get pulled over by the police and you don't have your plates on. I broke my 4th L plate a month or so ago and decided to leave it off. One day later I got pulled over at a roadblock. When the nice policeman asked me where my L plate was I said "isn't it there?" he said "no, you don't have any plate on at all". I told him about the broken L plate problem and he gave me some advice about mounting a new plate and said he wouldn't worry about a ticket. I rode away happy that I didn't get a fine but I'm sure this doesn't happen all the time - I just got lucky.

    I've not had too many problems with being tailgated, but then I ride on country roads a lot so my experience is completely different to those riding in the city. I did get passed by a scooter heading up to Omeo the other day, but in my defense I think he was trying to break some sort of world land scooter speed record :D.
  12. Maybe shoulda blew him a kiss?
  13. I took my plates off a month into my L's for exactly this reason, red rag to a bull, and it was always P platers. Wouldn't matter how fast I would be going, limit or not, they would see the plate and belt it past a grand prix pace.

    I only had one dealing with the vicpol whilst on L's, was pulled in at a servo on the hume outside of Seymour, belting rain, 10pm, with another 100km to go before home, a general patrol was getting fuel and came over as I was about to pull up.

    I thought I was going to get a serve for not having the plates on, as they had looked up the rego and they knew I was on L's, the discussion was more along the lines of "shit night, you ok to get home?" I was chuffed, they were very cool, and I told them exactly why I didn't have the plates on, they said don't worry about it, we don't care but a hwy patrol probably would.

    I did the license course the next week, problem solved.

  14. What's the maximum penalty in NSW for not displaying correct plates?
  15. Oh, no doubt about that. It was suggested as a short-term experiment, not until he gets his full licence.

    It's a good thing the official plates are easily prone to being torn by the wind :-w Always keep spares with the bike.
    $206 and 2 points.
  16. Hi

    Know what you mean about the L plate Seems to make them feel like they can intimidate you.

    FFS you have it on for a reason show some respect. The other day a twat actually told me to learn to ride - what the **** did he think I was trying to do.

    Of soap box now.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  17. Had a friend who was learning to drive. Whilst practicing parallel parking some douche pulled up beside them in a angry huff and yelled 'Learn to drive!' and sped off...Don't think they realised the irony...
  18. Thank god i only need to be on them for a few months before i get full lic.. I would have pulled over and gone up to the driver and asked what his problem was...
  19. Just booked in for my licence at Motorcycle Motion on 2 June. So not long to go until I get rid of the yellow piece of plastic.
  20. I'm sorry, but I nearly wet myself at this... warning next times a comment is sooooo funny please! ;)