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"L" Plates @ 50

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sardo, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Just earned the Ls after decades of denying myself something I've wanted for so long!!..

    Looking forward to joining up with you guys at Olympic Park for some MOST practice once I get the bike purchase finalised.

    (still trying to come to terms with a forum that has no trolls.. :cool:)
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  2. Welcome to the over 50s L club :)
  3. Good job you young fellas.....definitely head out to homebush it is very useful and confidence inspiring!
  4. Welcome to the forum. Who said there's no trolls around?

    Yip, Homebush highly recommended
  5. gday mate, join Ulysses and get into it!
  6. Impetuous youth! I waited until sixty. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to the forums..
  8. Good one SardoSardo (y) you have now lowered the average age of netrider, welcome aboard
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  9. Welcome :cool:
  10. Nice work mate
  11. welcome aboard :) congrats on the Ls
  12. Welcome. Netrider should do a poll. The oldies will be beating down on Gen Y soon :p
  13. Yep... I'm gonna like it here. Thanks for the warm welcome, feeling younger already.
    May be the proud dad of a CBR250R tomorrow if all goes to plan.