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L plater on a BIG suprise - And who has chicken strips???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by browny, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Rode into work today and as I was coming down my street, I noticed a mate who owns a company up the road has brought a new bike

    A K7 R1!!! :shock: :shock:

    And he is on his L's!!!!

    Granted he has previous experience riding and he is in his late 20's, but I hope he takes it easy :roll:

    By the way it is a damn NICE bike :LOL:
  2. Do us a favour and take a photo of the chicken strips? :grin: Love seeing tyres like this on sports bikes around the city:

  3. Re: L plater on a BIG suprise

    And not being a LAMS approved bike he is breaking the law, as well as being uninsured.

    (See 100's of threads on this topic)..... :evil:
  4. Something I'm sure he's aware of.

    IMO even with previous riding experience, an r1 after an extended break from riding isn't the best of ideas. But it indicates that is very probably getting it for pose value, so its all good.

  5. heh heh I was thinking the same thing myself. I get a huge giggle out of the chicken strips on the Sydney Weekend Warriors who come down to TFRPS (The Famous Robertson Pie Shop) on Saturdays and Sundays, and stand around and pose with their $20,000 crotch rockets and their $2,000 leathers :rofl:.
  6. whats a chicken strip?
  7. The unworn section of tyre towards the outside edge. The smaller the chicken strip, the further over you've been leaning the bike, and, by inference, the faster you've been going. It's a load of hooey, really, because I have zero chicken strips, and I'm S L O W :LOL:.
  8. yeah i notice the same thing at uni, on the sports bikes, the tyres are either absolutely shatted with rubber balling on the edge, OR the side tread has never seen the tarmac.

    a chicken strip is the part of the tyre where the original silocone preservative hasnt been worn off it yet because the rider isnt aware a bike can actually bank in corners.

    did anyone else find boris's article in AMCN on riders complaining about the dangers of new tyres highly amusing also?? (doesnt change the fact he is a git, but funny all the same)
  9. hahahah

    chicken strips

    great term
  10. I've got american style chicken strips (big and fat), and I can't seem to get rid of them, no matter how hard I go on my local roads! Last tyres only had a few mm left at the edges, but these sport demons are much better. Also, I lean off the bike a whole lot better than I used to. Goes to show how little of the bike's potential I'm using!
  11. my lovely PP's are starting to look like that after 600kms of the federal/hume/barton highway :evil:
    no chicken strips though :grin:
  12. I had a little chicken strip on my 190 rear, but does it still count if bright orange sparks come flying out from under my feet??

  13. Re: L plater on a BIG suprise

    Why would anyone take the risk? Just to look cool? He'll be real cool when he loses the shirt of his back after an insurance company takes his company, house, bike, clothes and anything else they can think of.

    Hope it all works out for him.
  14. i think you need to accept that will have to start scraping your engine casing like mustard to save your self from ridicule and be a true man :roll:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I think Mustard's bar ends have sliders on them! :p
  16. like this? :twisted:

  17. Dont lie!!! You dropped it!! ADMIT IT!! :p :bolt:
  18. You're obviously riding too close to the kerb.

  19. Seriously tho,

    I got about 5mm of strips either side of my tyres. I lean the biatch over a fair way but if youre riding your bike as a daily commuter, havent been to the spur or done track days etc, wouldnt the lack of kishy strips indicate that one is pushing too hard on public roads?

    If one is riding responisbly on the roads and in traffic, I cant think of any places that would REQUIRE you to get to full lean.

    (look at me trying to justify me lack of ability! hehe)
  20. nope a round about can take care of the right chicken strip, and the lower right corner of the fairing on a GS500F :grin: