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L Plater, New to Riding!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paulioxd, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Hey all!
    I'm pretty much a newbie and have been riding my 2012 Yamaha YZF R15 V1 ever since the 20th of November :)

    Any tips or pointers about riding?

    Would anyone want to ride with me sometime? :D (Parramatta Area)

    Thoughts on my bike are most welcome!
  2. Hi Paulioxd, Welcome to NR. Also a fellow newbie there are plenty of resources (tips, advice, etc...) on here for us noobs. Search the new riders sections etc... and you will find plenty of threads which provide plenty of helpful points from experienced riders.

    As regards your bike, if you like it its gotta be cool
  3. welcome to Netrider Paulioxd! ....training and even more training is the way to go (y)
  4. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  5. hi mate, so what does an r15v1 look like. i got a 99 firestorm
  6. Welcome to NR, PaulioxdPaulioxd.

    I'm located about 3 streets away from parramatta, so if you'd like to go for a ride sometime just send me a PM :)
  7. Hey Alex!

    This is only an entry level bike that I got going off what I could afford but I love riding it :)

    I'm sure if you google it that it will come up!


    On a seperate not...I'm not sure how to PM someone on this Sage91, would you be able to help me out?
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  8. The R15 V1 is the earlier version, had a single seat versus the V2's split seat, The V2 had a rear hugger the V1 didn't and the V2 had slightly larger rear tyre from memory. No functional difference though, nice looking bikes.
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. I got it as a second hand bike, there are minor scratches but it runs perfectly fine :)

    I really wish I had a little bit more money so I could get a Yamaha R3 or something similar but overall I'm happy with he R15

    Where is everyone from?
  11. Brisbane, under everyone's avatar drop the little arrow downwards and many folks have entered where they live on their profile
  12. Hi! Nice bike, how's the learning going?
    Im a learner too, since june!
  13. Riding has gone pretty smoothly! I still feel uneasy when turn because I'm no used to learning the bike, I'm worried I'd topple over and sometimes I over turn as well

    Have gone 350km+ already on my bike and I'm looking for friends to go exploring with

    Want to go for a ride sometime Kimi? :)
  14. Learning is the fun part / scary as hell part! Its taken ages to feel comfortable on corners and turning as well!
    Yep lets go riding for sure,im always looking for company! Have you been to the learner sessions at homebush? I met a guy there briefly on a yam r15...
    I dont live too far from parra at all.
  15. I haven't been to any learning sessions, should I?

    You ride an R3?!? I'm so jealous right now...

    Just PM me and we can organise to ride around sometime :) I would really love that :D
  16. Yep you should go, great practice for the most test theres a thread on here called sydney learner sessions it think. Its on almost every sat at 1pm.
    Yep i LOVE the R3! Upgraded recently from a cbr 125.never pm'd anyone on here so I'll figure out how and mesg you for a ride! Are you free weekends? Evenings?
  17. Evenings are good and Sundays are normally good. Fancy a ride on Sunday? :D

    I'm always busy on Saturdays, I mean always haha

    I have a really strong urge to upgrade but can't :p
  18. Good memory mate
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  19. Im 90% sure I'm free on sunday....just need to check tonight if i can book my p's test this wkend or not. Where do you want to ride?
  20. Welcome mate, can I suggest some rider training as well, this will help a lot. But if you can't do this in the near future, watch Twist of the Wrist on YouTube - its an hour or more of awful acting but really good bike riding instruction, focusing on cornering. Will help you as well so you stop worrying about tipping over (seriously, your tyres have got WAYYY more grip than you think).You can also search the site here for Noob Basics (cornering) - these will also teach you a bunch of good stuff and you will become a much better rider. You will enjoy riding even more as skills and confidence improve, so well worth the time...

    Re rides in your areas - there are a ship load of new Parramatta riders, so I'd suggest you start a new thread (or see if one exists) with the title "parramatta rides" or something like that as this will be obvious to all (who may not read your welcome post).

    Enjoy....stay shiny side up!