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L plater, looking at postie bike for lack of any LAMS within budget

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nexus1111, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I got my L's in Jan last year. Unfortunately time with work and school flew by for me to buy a bike in winter (when less people are riding) and so I am stuck, with my L's running out in early April and looking for a bike.

    I really cant afford more than $2K and can't find any LAMS for less than that that I'm comfortable with. Worst still I'v enot been able to go to HART for paying for practice sessions as my car died a few days after I got my L's and one needs a set of wheels to go bike shopping and to get to Tullamarine.

    I would prefer not to retake the L test as I already had to get it on second go due to nerves, but I also need road experience and practice so I can hopefully get my P's before my L's expires.

    At this point I'm looking at postie bikes as it seems to be the only thing out there (or scooters and I really don't want to get a scooter).

    I've seen them on ebay but someone told me they have auctions. What is the deal with postie bikes? I saw on the Honda website something about now you can register them?

    I did do a bit of the ole Elizabeth St walk but Spot on scares me and seems dodgy and the other place I went to didn't have anything but a 1980 Suzuki gsx 250 for $2500 and that is really stretching it as I still need to buy the riding gear and helmet.

    I'm in Vic.
  2. Thank you, I will go and check. (I"m in Melb)
    It's so hard trying to look at bikes without a car or personal recommendations of places that aren't dodgy. I've also not ridden since last Jan when I took my L's so I lack confidence to even test ride them.
    Quick question, one of my instructors at HART said as a rough guess you shouldn't get a bike that has ridden more than a certain amount of kms per year of the bike's age. Do you know what that amount should be? Is it no more than 10,000kms per year?

    Also, does anyone know what the story is regarding this Press release Honda’s Humble CT110 Hits The Road ? Does this mean older postie bikes can't be ridden on the road?
  3. Get yourself a 250 naked, plenty in your range if you look around.
  4. 10,000 kms a year is a notional 'average', whatever that means. I looked at a 250 Virago today for one of our number. It was a 7/02 model, and had done the vast sum of 20,000 kms in the hands of one owner, hugely less than 10,000 kms a year. That said, service history and how a bike is ridden is much more important than its mileage.....
  5. Thanks, Hornet.
    Theyak- i was looking at a cb/cbf250 but i've yet to find one in Melb under $2k. But hoefully i will find one so i have enough practice to get my Ps.
  6. Ok, so firstly, you need to calm down! There are plenty of budget options, particularly if you are prepared to get an older bike and do some maintenance yourself.

    The story with the posties is thus: Before this year, the only road-registered CT110 variants were sold to Australia Post, not the general public. So to ride a postie on the road, you could only buy one second hand, that AusPost had owned once upon a time. I gather from that article that you can now buy the road registered version new.

    The Sachs kn125 or Madass might be options, and there are plenty of older bikes for less than $2000 (my 1979 z200 was $1700 including a years rego and a RWC. However you want to learn to do your own maintenance on a bike that old). Posties seem expensive for what they are, but at least you will have no trouble finding replacement parts.

    Start a thread in the 'Bike reviews, qs, sugesstions' forum and you might get more suggestions. Also scour ebay, bikesales etc. - better value than a dealer (but bring someone who knows bikes along, or have it checked by a mechanic prior to sale).
  7. The guys at Spot On are OK, they just deal more with 600+ sports bikes than anything else, and can come off a bit full on, I guess. I don't remember seeing much in the way of 250s there (old info though) except CBRRRRRRRRRs, which don't sound like your thing.

    You should be able to find an old-ish CB, GPX, Gladius, Accross or Zeal within your budget, but they might be a bit rough for that money.

    The Sachs isn't a REAL bike any more than a postie is, but at least it'll get you out there. The 125s are only about $1500 new I think (plus on-roads) so maybe check them out.
  8. A 2nd hand Sachs 150 *may* do the job, but surely you can find a 250 in Vic for less than $2k
  9. I think I might be able to clear up the OP's confusion regarding postie bikes :p

    Until recently there were two types of CT110 available: Honda sourced Ag bike that wasn't road legal and road legal "retired" AusPost CTs. Recently (6 months or so from memory) Honda gave their dealer available CTs compliance making them road legal as well, a move one can only assume towards cashing in on the strong demand for 2nd hand postie bikes.
  10. .. and to boost the numbers in the annual Postie Bike Challenge, no doubt :LOL:.
  11. It might be more real than a postie for the purpose of getting a licence because it has a regular manual clutch. Posties have that weird semi-auto set up of manual gear lever combined with auto clutch, and I can never remember whether they count as manuals or as automatics as far as getting your licence is concerned.

    You might want to check this one out if you decide to go for a postie. I think if you're going to ride at all you might as well get an unrestricted manual licence rather than dicking around with various 'auto only' options that I personally could never comprehend or remember.

    BTW, it looks to me like the bikes in general got a lot more expensive lately! There is a thread in 'bike reviews', still on the first page, about Sachs 150KN for $1,990 - well, looking at the ads on bikesales, today they are listed at 2,300 to 2,700 and up! That sucks. Shouldn't things be getting cheaper when the economy is bad?!?
  12. welcome bud :) good advice here, u just aint searching hard enough, for 2k buy private not from a shop
  13. The licence issue doesn't apply in Victoria, which since the OP mentions Elizabeth St & Spot On motorcycles, I assume that's where he is from. There is no automatic licence or scooter licence - just a motorcycle licence.
  14. There should be some avaliable for $2k. I got my 1990 gpx250 for $1800 including reg and rwc. As well as the online sites, look at local papers classifieds sections. Or follow people with old 250's into stores buying new and offer them the trade in price +$100 :), dodgy but can work. If you don't have transport, ask sellers if they can meet you somewhere central. Its probably not the best time to be buying but you might get lucky.