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L Plater - Feel like I am 16 again!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TigerRider, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Gday Guys,

    Just thought I would say a quick hello and introduce myself. Have read lots of threads on here and learnt a huge amount but figured why just read when I can get involved myself!

    So I am new to the world of netrider and to the world of motorbikes. Got my L plates a few weeks ago and have been on the road for 1 week. Never sat on a motorbike before doing the L’s course. Can’t believe how much I have learnt in the last week though out riding on my own!! Massive learning curve but my brain is soaking it all in! Began just rolling around the quiet local streets in my suburb and have very gradually increased it each night and now feel pretty confident at 70K’s on main-ish roads near my place. Am being super cautious out on the roads but am conscious of not being too cautious / slow as that can be as dangerous as excessive speed I reckon. Just being careful, staying out of people’s way and improving my skills every single ride.

    I have a new CBF250. I know it is not the favourite choice of those learned types about here but it suited me. I didn’t know nearly enough about bikes to know what to look for in a second hand bike and felt more confident starting on something I knew was safe and ready to go. I was / am also keen to learn on a super basic bike with no frills so as I can master the fundamentals before ABS or fuel injection, etc worries about the finer points for me. Nice and cheap (for a new bike) and I am sure I will know 1000% more than I do now when it comes time to buy my second bike in 18 or so months time.

    Am keen to join you guys on a L plater Tuesday night ride soonish once I am confident enough to cross the CBD (coming from west of the city) and meet up. Am also considering the Daylesford Chocolate run too if you think suitable for a noob who has never been on a freeway before!! Feels so refreshing to be scared of freeways again after driving a car for 10 years!! Sure I will be laughing at myself when looking back in 6 months time!! ':grin:'

    OK, well seems I have written too much already! Will shut up for a bit and just say “Hi, looking forward to hanging out with you guys for a bit!â€.



    P.S. – Not a big forum user in the past either so please point out if I inadvertently breach any rules of etiquette!
  2. Hi TigerRider, welcome to NR :)

    Only thing you need to do now is post up pics of your bike ;)
  3. Welcome to NR!
  4. Welcome TigerRider.

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with any bike you choose. And Honda's are renowned for their reliability, so you can't go wrong there. You are right too - with experience and riding with other bikers you will get a better idea of the bike you might want in future. How could you possibly know that before you've ever ridden one! I know I didn't!

    Secondly, try to get out between now and May 17 on a freeway or somewhere you can get close to 100k's (when you are ready) and/or come on a Tuesday LR. The Daylesford ride will be a great day out - it was one of my first day rides and is pretty easy going. You won't need to stick to 100k's - sitting below that is OK. Also, we tend to try and give each newbie a mentor for the day which is invaluable I think.

    Anyway, sounds like you are doing it right - so look forward to seeing you out on the road.

    PS: Etiquette is excellent so far :wink: - you might like to take some bike pics as Sirian suggests and add them to your 'garage'.
  5. Cheers for the replies! Nice to feel welcome.

    I shall do my best over the weekend to get some pics and upload to the garage. Just wondering now why I haven't taken any photos yet.....

    Guy - good call on heading for a freeway before heading off on a day long ride. That will be my next challenge. Lots of freeway close to my place. Any advice for riding at that speed for the first time? Extend your vision I guess as it will take longer to slow / stop from that speed.

    A mentor on the chocolate run would be brilliant but no stress if it doesn't work out. I am happy to tag along and observe and learn that way if that is cool.

  6. Welcome and happy riding. As for a tip of getting onto the freeway, this is how I did it. When I became comfortable on roads sign posted at 80 km/h I went onto the freeway. The thing that struck me the first time was that the wind pushes into you a lot more. Work your way up to it and keep your wits about you and you'll be fine. Some will say that you have to learn sooner or later. Make sure you learn when you're ready for it.

    A few other bits of info you may find useful, I wear ear plugs whenever I know I'm going to be travelling faster than 70 km/h in order to combat the wind noise. It may not bother you but in my helmet (Shoei TZ-R) I find the wind noise too loud for my liking at 80+km/h. Another thing to watch out for is splitting bikes coming past. They surprised me my first two or three times on the freeway. Cars didn't because they're easier to see/notice. That's what I remember from when I started. I hope that helps.
  7. Welcome Tiger :)

    I'm a newbie too , never ridden before I got my L's .. bar paddock bashing yrs ago !!

    I'm still in major newbie status ( grr @ gettin sold wrong parts for bike !! )
    ..LOL .. only been out a few times round the block , was hoping for some good weather this weekend to get out more .. and even moving out onto the freeway. But alas , I don't think that's going to happen :cry:

    I've sorta dobbed myself in for the daylesford ride ..looks like fun and the mentor idea is great ... cause I'm sure as hell gonna need one :roll:

    have fun , i know I will eventually LOL


  8. Cheers Kitt!

    Nice to hear from another newbie close by! Might see you out on Ballarat Rd some time.


  9. welcome!

    tag along on that ride by all means. my first group ride was one with greybm n it was good! don't feel pressured to set the pace or anything, go as your ability allows :)

    take care, stay upright, and most of all, have fun :grin:
  10. Nah Kitt, you were co-erced!!! :LOL:

    :worthlesspics: :p

    Hey TR, welcome to NR :grin:
    I'm sure you've noticed already in various threads, there's plenty of good natured bullsh!tting combined with some seriously great tips and advice :) I think you'll find this 'place' will suit you very well :grin:
    As for the Dayelsford ride, DO come along, it will be perfect for you :) (won't it, Kitt? :p) ... all you need do is post a 'reply' on the thread (if you haven't done so already) and that you'd like a mentor (though I'm sure it's been noted already :wink:) ... I'd offer, but I'm only "5.5 months old" :p
  11. Yeah rephrase that .. I was co-erced :roll: ... LMAO

    Can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee talk to the RAIN god
    and ask him ever so nicely :blackeye: to make tomorrow arvo (sat)
    a non rain event ...
    after 6 pm is ok for the heavens to open up again ...
    but I need as much ermmmmmm practise as i can ,
    and wet weather wont cut it juz yet :angel:
    ty ty ty
  12. Tiger

    juz a thought :idea:

    mayb we could con :-w
    I mean ask nicely if someone could mayb take us out for a few
    ummmm practice ( omg , no u cant do that ](*,) :facepalm: ) sessions ???

    wat u think ??

    and any volunteers ???
  13. Hi TigerRider

    Welcome aboard NR, you will have an absolute blast here. Its like the Wonka factory, only it revs harder
  14. Hi TR,

    I am in the same boat too, Just got my Ls and have never really ridden before.

    Have learnt so much from this forum already it has been awesome.

    I still don't have my own bike and restricted to borrowing my friends to practice on but hopefully this time next week I will be a man of my own.

    And must admit, I do feel like a kid again, it just feels so awesome on a bike compared to the car.

    Hope to be around here for a while!
  15. Welcome to NR mate !
    Nothing wrong with the CBF. If its suits you, then , its PERFECT !

  16. Thanks for more welcomes guys!

    How cool is it to have a community like this, from all over the place, that come together to talk bikes! Fantastic!

    Great to hear form other people just starting out and that are in the same boat!

    Kitt - all for learning from someone with experience and knowledge to pass on!! Someone near by perhaps??

    P.S - Still no pics as I had a pretty big weekend as still feel a little poorly :grin:
  17. Hey Tiger ,

    I've enlisted the help of a fellow local netrider
    pm me an we can organise a time etc :grin:

  18. Hey Kitt,

    Talk about how to make you feel like a noob!! Went to send you a PM and I got a little message about how I had not made enough posts yet!!

    Anyhoo, I guess this counts as one more :grin:

    Maybe you can PM me and then I might be able to reply??
  19. Alright enough already, Kitt I hear you.

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Just kidding, the more the merrrier.