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L plater caught doing 184kph

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted already, but here goes:


    I want to know what learner leagal bike can do 184kph. I reckon its a bike he shouldn't have been riding in the first place.

  2. how fast does a hyo 650 go or a GS500... there LAMS approved aren't they?? If i recall reading correctly you cad swap out the lams bits on the hyo's for the full power bits rather easily

    he may have been on a lorger bike even though there was no mention of that
  3. Learner motorcycle riders are restricted to a speed of 80kmh.


    thats not for vic is it?
  4. dude u dont need a larger bike to do thoses speeds my NSR150 does up 180, on private roads of course
  5. There's a couple. Er-5 will do that when pushed. I'm guessing a GS500 could, SZR660, GPZ500 and even a couple of 250's. 184kph isn't all that fast.
  6. CBR and ZXR will do it, pretty sure ZXR will get into the 200's indicated.
    Even ZZR and GPX can just get there on the speedo, but its probably more like 160 real.
  7. Nah its NSW stupidity to try and get L/P's killed and make "experienced" drivers feel superior as they change lanes without looking or indicating :evil:
  8. Nahh you are pushing 150 on a ZZR, somewhere there advertising material sais 160, but not with my fat arse on it.
  9. Well if he's prepared to ride at that speed while still on Ls, he's probably also happy to borrow his mate's CBR-600 to do it with.... (although the Police report doesn't mentioned any other offence than the speed violation).

    That said, he's a goose because every man and his dog know that the Hume around Tarcutta has been speed-trap territory for at least 30 years....

    {Even though there's stretches for miles when you could do ANY speed with more safety than doing 60kph on Parramatta Road :roll:}
  10. No, it's a NSW thing. 184kph is probably about as fast as you could get an unrestricted 4-stroke 250 too. A 400cc bike should be capable of breaking the 200kph mark but if he was on a LAMs bike probably fair to assume he was pushing it to it's limits - which is a pretty stupid thing to do with any vehicle. Even more stupid if you're only a learner.
  11. My FZR does 180 if it has to.. err, I mean What an irresponsible young man!
    CBR250RR will do it, ZX2R will do it, not impossible.
    ---> as far as the speedo is concerned anyway.
    Always wondered what you say in that situation...

    Are you aware what speed you were doing, sir?
    Oh God no, I was watching the road!
  12. "I was more concerned by the speed at which you caught me. The Police should be setting an example but to travel at or above the speed I was doing shows you to be nothing more than a reckless hoon. With such an apauling disply, you are an embarrassment to the force and undoubtedly a shame to your family." :cool:

    Why not? You're getting booked anyway. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Attitude could be the difference between a dangerous driving charge, or not.

    Go look up the penalties associated with a dangerous driving charge. It ain't pretty.
  14. He did get dangerous driving anyway.
    I think 80 over is automatically, he was 104 over so not much chance of downgrading it :grin:

    But of course you must always be nice unless your stupid, they can write you up for a whole lot more stuff and even make stuff up if you piss them off by being a smartass.
  15. A CBR250 with out a speed limiter would do that easily.

    I recon with out the limiter I could push mine to 200-220
    (not that I would because I am a responsible rider that never exceeds the speed limit :p)

    ¿¿¿I just want to know how they caught him???

    and i also recon that they said 183 so they could put it in the news that the irresponsible motorbike man was going over 100k’s over the speed limit.
    They like doing stuff like that.

    “More then twice the legal blood alcohol limit†on his p’s (in QLD) =.01%
  16. *Ktulu wagers $20 and his collection of toe-nail clippings on the kid slowing down to the limit before he was pulled over*

    I reckon: He was on his new bike, wanted to see how fast it would go. Got to 180 and then slowed right back down straight away, without noticing a cop was following him/had a speed-gun aimed his way.

    Poor bugger's done his license now, I guess.

    Choose the time and place carefully, people... carefully!
  17. Financially he would have been better off doing a track day...and he still would have his licence. :facepalm:
  18. Financially he would have been better off doing a full race season :wink:
  19. :rofl: No. See the problem is that wind resistance is exponential, faster you go the greater the increase in hp (or decrrease in drag) needed to raise the top speed. Even a 2-stroke won't hit 210 with a production frame, to go faster than that requires a significant modification to both the frame and engine (resulting in a bike not even remotely road legal).
  20. I have to would agree with you but I hit the speed limiter ½ way through my power in 5th and there is no problem from the wind once you tuck in.
    So I could push it to 190 in 5th and then up to 6th.

    And you think 250’s don’t have enuff power you should sit on mine when it hits 16000rpm its like some one kicks you in the chest and if your not careful you will power slide.

    With love and care my little babyblade will do any thing for me.