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VIC L-plate restrictions in Tasmania?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DonJuan, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm considering taking the bike to Tassie early next year for a couple of weeks and was wondering how my L's affect me in Tassie as I obtained them in Vic?

    The main reason for asking is Tassie has an 80kph limit for Learners from what I can gather and I'm pretty keen not to lose any points seeing as though they decided I must be awesome and only gave me 4 (yes, I'm aware every other Learner is just as awesome as me).

    Has anyone else come into this before, or any other laws I should be aware of when visiting sleepy old Tassie?

    BTW, I'm originally from Tassie so A: don't hold it against me and B: I'm allowed to pick on my birthplace.

    Thanks in advance to all the more knowledgeable ladies and gents who will graciously offer me their time and provide answers. Thanks also goes out to anyone else who feels like making a generalised comment.


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    When you're visiting interstate or even internationally, you have to follow the local laws. So, as the max speed limit for learners is 80km where the posted limit is 80kph or higher, you're legally only allowed to do 80km/h.

    Watch out for the kangaroos that lift cars up.
  3. Learners in NSW get 4 points once you hit 4 immediate suspension of 3 months then you get them back . 90km max speed
    Red Ps 4 points for 18 months or until you get your green ps same story lose 4 pts=3 month suspension. 90 km max speed
    Green ps you get 7 points for 24 month period 100km maxspeed
    If you are over 25 and have held unrestricted license for 3 yrs with NO demerits you can go from red ps straight onto blacks = 13 points over a 3 yr period
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    Edited. False information.
  5. I have been advised that you follow the laws in that state and when the information of any possible fine gets back to your licensing state it's at their discretion as to whether or not they apply demerit points. For example, if you're licensed in WA and get caught speeding in QLD, it's only WA who can apply demerits. You're still liable to pay the fine irrespective.
  6. when u get green p you add 3 pts. if you lose 2 pts on red p n then get green p you only have 5 pts. u always used to have 0 pts of ls. for l n p people u lose 4 pts for speed. lose license straight away.
  7. Google agrees with you.

  8. No worries dude, it's all cool. Good old Google. I rang and asked before I took my bike to TAS in January... That's the only reason I know.

    Laws and rules change anyway. A few months ago, learners in NSW had 0 points and that was the way it had been for years. Now, they have four, I stand corrected.
  9. The cops in Tassie are pretty cool, they are not out to get bikes like Vicpol, quite the opposite.

    Its quite refeshing riding around down there. I think you'll have a great time and you're very unlikely to have any interaction with the PoPo. Behave yourself around Hobart and avoid that boring assed road down the middle. You should be fine.
  10. +1
    Have done just over 2300km in nearly 3 weeks now driving around Tassie and saw a cop only once near Launceston. Coming from Tassie, you know you'll have terrific time riding here, it is riders' paradise for lots of different reasons :)
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  11. Thanks for the feedback ladies and gents.

    Looks like the speed restrictions are in force. I wonder why they don't teach you about the differences between state laws when doing the course (car or bike) as this could lead to lots of confusion. I intend to ride the way Vic taught me.

    Surely it makes sense (therefore politicians won't take this on board) to have national laws that govern all states? Perhaps just the basics like speed limits, drink driving, learners?
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  12. Just so long as we don't end up getting the worst of all worlds! (or states)
  13. A couple of more things, probably the same as on the mainland; no alcohol, no pillion (unless under instruction and the instructor has held a motorcycle licence for 3 years), LAMs approved bike.

    Don't know if this is also the same; Tassie P1 holders are on the same restrictions as Learners, 80kph. no pillions etc.
  14. I guess motorcycle tourism brings a lot of money into rural Tasmania. The economy down there is not crash hot, and I imagine that those tourist dollars are of particular importance anywhere that's not within striking distance of Hobart & Launceston. If the cops down there carried on like Vicpol, the word would get out and those all those bike tourist dollars would find somewhere else to go.

    I love Tassie and I only have good stories to tell about my times on the bike down there, and I'll happily tell them to anyone who'll listen. And me and the thousands more like me is some of the best free marketing Tasmania could ever get. That's much better for their economy than handing out poxy fines for tinted visors and having people say fcuk that if I want armed knob jockeys fining me $300 over nothing I can just stay in Victoria.
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  15. That's correct - that's where I'm at right now.
  16. Thanks for the info guys.

    I'm now hoping to go for my P's before the trip because my thinking is that I'm older, have held my drivers license for 10+ years with no points so I think I don't need to display P plates in Vic.

    Damn, another can of worms. I'll have to check to see if I need to buy a P plate for Tassie???
  17. The Tassie P1 plate is just a plain red "P" on a white background (no speed numbers in little circles).

    This plate doesn't need to be shown when you get your P2, plus P2's also have the restrictions of 80kph and pillion passengers lifted, however the zero alcohol limit still applies.

    Check this out for more info on Tassie road rules and licences (page 56-57 is about P's): http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/__d...9096/MR99_road_rules_booklet_State_Growth.pdf
  18. Thanks Barry. I'm still trying to sort it all out as what I can gather, I can go to VicRoads (or training provider) and get my Motorcycle License after my L's and it then becomes added to my Cart license and not probabtionary??? I just have restrictions for 3 years. So therefore, if I go to Tassie, I guess I'm not probationary??
  19. I would be trying to get off the L's asap for just those reasons you outlined. No need to display P's as your not a Car P Plater (rule in Vic anyway). And if you don't ride like a tool, chances of being pinged are near zero anyway.
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  20. I've had a driving licence for 44 years with no points, but I still have to display my red P here in Tasmania!