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L plate holder?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vroomvroom, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Just got myself a bike and having a really stupid problem which i can't seem to find an answer to. What do you do to hold your L plates on your bike? I tried buying a holder that was for cars and bikes but it didn't fit.
    I was contemplating just drilling a hole in the L plate and having it go through one of the screw holes.

    I'm on a Honda vtr250 07 btw

  2. think most people just bolt it to one of the screw holes in the number plate.
  3. I used one of those wire cable tie things that you get with plastic sandwich bags and tied the plate through one hole to the number plate holder.
  4. glue a few plates together and zip tie it to the plate
  5. thanks everyone :) zip tie works great
  6. +1, it saves the plate ripping off if you make it a bit stiffer. Some like to stick some gaffer tape over the back of the plate for the same effect.
  7. I have mine Velcroed to my rear fender.
    Works a dream
  8. I have a plate holder?
    $10 for 2 from BigW or something?
  9. I've been through countless number of L plates. Generally they break off when you pick up speed (freeway riding). Will try the trick with taping a few together. Moving to P plates so will rig it up when I mount the new plates.
  10. I put a hole in the L plate and then screwed it in with one of the license plate screws
  11. image.
    This is my old 2003 vtr250 I just pushed it up under the number plate and it never moved.
  12. Velcro to the back of the number plate.
    My avatar is proof this technique works.
  13. I used a hard plastic L plate from Super Cheap, and key rings through the lower bolt holes of my licence plate. It depends on your bike and if those holes are free.
  14. I've used cable ties and semitransparent cloth tape on different occasions. Had no trouble with either.
  15. Looking for a good plate fixing - many posts are old - any new tried and tested solutions?
  16. Honestly cable ties might as well be a tradition. A cheap simple tradition; why do you want something else?
  17. I had a mate of mine cut me out a piece of sheet matal (nice and rigid) which I had designed to screw onto the number plate holder. Glued the "L" plate to it, and Bob's your uncle. Looks way over-engineered, but it does the job better than anything else I've seen around.
  18. Picked up car plate holders from one of those "Dollar" shops in shopping centres, for like $2.50.

    Travelled been up to 90, with this setup

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  19. Looks like it will do the job but I'll give it a week before you snap it off mounting or dismounting, but worth a try.