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L/P Plate mounting Idea. Opinions Please?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by EnigmaOMC, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Well the girlfriend keeps having her l plates snap off whilst riding. I've tried cable ties, rubber coated garden wire even the garbage bag ones and the damn plates keep snapping.

    I've got an idea and want to know if anyone has tried something similar to know if it may work. Belows my idea.

    Items - 2 thin aluminium bars, washers, screws and nylon nuts. and magnetic floppy L plate (for now) change to P plate when she gets it.

    screw then washer into bottom hole of number plates then on the back have another washer then one of the aluminium bars followed by the other with the L/P plate wedged in between the 2 then another washer and a nut with the nylon/plastic material in them. once this is done tight then it whould be fairly difficult to remove. It will also be flexible enough so that at speed it won't snap due to being the magnetic type L/P plates you can get at petrol stations.

    Please pass any comments as to whether you think this may or may not work?
  2. stick it to the back of her helmet
  3. I'm a bit confused - firstly what is your girlfriend riding, is she trying out for the crusty demons and where/how is the plate been mounted previously?

    I am trying to understand why they keep on snapping off in the first place.
  4. aluminium is not magnetic
  5. ... that's just if you're wondering why your idea dose'nt seem to be working...

    carry on..
  6. om my girlfriends L plate we got some plastic ones from dollar store, flex but not floppy, then i just punched a hole in the top left corner and nut and bolted it to the hole in the bottom right the license plate
  7. put 5 on at once that way they dont break so easy
  8. I use the plastic ones as well - 1 nut and bolt thru the number plate and it's done. L plate lasted 12 months (funny that) and P plate is almost 12 months.
  9. Sounds like it'll be clamped between the two thin aluminium bars though...

    Just leave a broken off corner zip tied to the number plate & tell her to carry a spare.

    "Oh, it must have fallen off, it was there when I left... I have a spare I can fit"

    Flutter eyelids, cleavage, etc.

    Worked for another netrider, IIRC.
  10. If its one of those crappy and flimsy plastic things then before you punch any holes in it or force a bolt through, run a few layers of masking tape around the edge on the back side to add some reinforcing. And put a few cross pieces in as well to make it a bit more rigid. This should reduce the stress cracks appearing round the punched hole as the stupid thing flexes while she rides and should make it last a bit longer.

    Or as Azamakumar says nail it to her helmet :D

    Fun Ha!
  11. i cut a square off my case of heineken and cellotaped to that has kept the L plate from ripping or falling off so far

    beer...so many uses...where would we be without it
  12. #14 Mr Flibble, Aug 24, 2010
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