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L/P plate holders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Robb0, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    Just wondering with Plate holders do you use the ones you get for a car. Or are there proper sized ones for a motorcycle? I just brought ones that are ment for a car and they dont look right/fit good.

  2. In Vic there the same as cars.

    BTW there not suposed to "look right/fit good" there just to show people your a menace on the roads :p
  3. Those stiff plastic car ones, attached to license plate with nut n bolt. Still didn't stop the bugger from coming loose and flying off during a highway trip.

    They're not supposed to look good! They're supposed to inspire so much vitriol and repulsion that you can't bloody wait to level up and be free of those dorky things forever :D :LOL:
  4. Dam cause the holder sticks out just as far as the Exhaust on the bike maybe bit more :? I'd be worried I'd scrap something with it while riding :p Looks crap :? Oh well. If there arent holders designed for a motorcycle spose its a relef dont have to worry bout takening back. I could try mounting the L plate with out the holder sometime :)

    P.S By the way these ones are made from metal

    Thanks for you help.
  5. Honestly officer it was on there when I left home :grin:
  6. hi, I didn't worry with a holder. attached it under the reflector on the back cause it had a bolt I could use. (hope that makes sense.)
  7. I punch a hole in the cardboard or plastic plate (pretty close to the middle actually) and then mount it between the plate and the bracket.
    Half the plate is obscured but if it hangs out it'll get ripped off by the wind force that hits it.

    I got to give my dad a big 'told-you-so' when he made my plate more visible cos it annoyed him being obscured. it flew off in under a week.
    i've never had any problems with my method.

    EDIT: I also trim the plate down some to reduce the surface area exposed to the wind.
  8. Well I've attached the holder I'll see how its goes :p Only 1 thing Dont have my L's yet doing my pre-L's this weekend gonna go into the RTA monday and do my Knowledge Test witch is easy I've studied the book and since I've nearly been on my Blacks (car licence) for nearly 5years makes it alot easy. :grin:

    Thanks for the help Guys
  9. dont use a hold mate, the L or P plate will just get blown out as it will have it out to the side of the bike in the wind, funnily enough when riding at some sort of speed you generate wind the holders were a waste of money sorry
  10. A holder on mine would have covered up indicators, brake light, rego sticker, so I put it sitting under plate a bit. But it came off and before I got home I was pulled over for rbt because I went past cop car when stopped at lights so they felt they needed to take me down a peg, despite the lack of speeding. Yeh $180 fine and 2 points isn't worth it, and my appeal 4 months later still hasn't come back. Make sure they're on properly and wont come off no matter what. I've burnt a ^ shape into the bottom of the plate, but it isn't gonna move :D
  11. i just wedge mine into the gap between the license plate and the dealership license plate holder. i have to replace it everytime it rains but it's neat and tidy and never flown off (no matter how fast i try to lose it on the highway, the bloody thing keeps holding on)
  12. I just made a hole in the top left hand part of the hard plastic plate, and then chucked a bolt, washer and nut to mount it on the bottom left whole on my number plate, seems good so far. Other ways i've seen are using cable ties and piercing holes in the top left / right of the L-plate and mounting them onto the bottom holes of number plate.
  13. Cable ties are your friends

    (not to be interpreted as cable tie your friends)
  14. You display your restrictoor plates :wink:
    Bolt it and display as little as possible, damn i hate the plates, i've already had to go through my car licence 7 years ago :LOL:
  15. pity you dont use them wedge :LOL: and we're not all lucky enough to not cop a fine for not displaying the buggers
  16. i slipped the plate behind the reg. plate and the wheel somehow burnt the bottom side
  17. Well might take the holder off from what everyone is saying. When I get my L's I'll figure out a way to put em on then maybe cable tie or 2. :)

    Thanks for all the feedback
  18. i've just shoved mine behind the numberplate and the rear fairing... havn't lost it yet, and i havn't been riding like a granny...

    ...only like phizog :moped:
  19. I can't remember, but I'm sure it's attached with a screw... I don't know, it's been that long since I looked at my bike & I didn't put it on there.

    My mate at work sticky taped his on :roll:

    AFTER he got three points & $180 fine.
  20. I use a screw and put it through a hole in my numberplate. I've had huge trouble losing rta plates with it like that (like 3 P plates in one day and no more because i had run out.). I have a P plate I made of a big red P i printed of the computer and part of a lasagne box i cut out, and a lotta sticky tape around it. Sticky tape makes it weather proof and so far this one has lasted me nearly 3 months and is still going strong. Also a big plus, apparently the faster I go, the more my plate flaps up and hides my numberplate :grin: Good for those times when you forget theres a speed camera your going past, lol.