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L legal bike prices (ACT) - how much for a bike like this?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by purrsikat, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.. wasn't sure where to put it, but others are asking similar things in here, soooo...

    I'm sussing out a good ol'GSX250 Across for my first bike.

    It's a Jap import, 99, has just over 51000kms on the clock, is basically scratched to crap, a few random stickers on it (not even covering any damage, just 'there' for looks or something)...

    But it feels good (engine, brakes, gears) and everything seems 'tight' & in decent condition (physically). Having a pre-purchase check done on it tomorrow so will hear how it is structurally (if there's anything obvious I guess) & mechanically...

    I'm totally happy with a POS for my first bike, I just don't want to get totally ripped off. I still have my first POS car, 10yrs down the track (though I really don't think that'll happen with bikes for me, TBH :D ). Likely that once I'm on my Ps, I'll shunt it & get something that I like a lot more.. could be 3 months, could be 9.. *shrug*

    Now.. 'cheap' L legal bikes are hard to find here in the ACT. How much would you (be honest, no bravado required :) ) offer or pay for a bike like this?

  2. Without seeing it or the inspection report that is a very difficult thing to answer. I would think that if it already has ACT rego, and needs nothing spent on it like tyres, chain/Sprockets Brake pads or new discss etc then maybe $1500

    Take into account that with cheap bikes, you must be careful that service items are not due for replacement, as a set of bad tyres and a chain/Sprocket can cost you perhaps $600, then there are discs/pads etc, so what sometimes looks cheap, turns out expensive in the end
  3. Cool thanks TWEET... I'm hoping that the mechanics will be able to let me know of the immediately obvious/visible parts (that's what they're looking for in pre-purchase checks, isn't it? I hope so..). The discs look ok, chain seems ok & good tension... no oil/fluid leakage from the engine (that I could see) or the front forks, so I'm hoping that the seals & forks are all in ok nick..

    None of the 'bits' look brand new. Clutch/brake handles look used, but not trashed, same for pegs & foot brake/gear shifters. The fuel lid/latch thing even works still!

    A couple of friends are saying $1000-1500. I'm worried that if I suggest this to the guy he'll go troppo! hahah.. :roll: (the guy bought it in May this year, not sure how much for though, not that he'd necessarily tell me the truth anyway.)

    Edited to include: Rego is due to run out in Nov, so not included in the price.

    I know it's a tough question, but thoughts are much appreciated. :)
  4. Across' usually go for about $2500-3000 for a good one, so if it's a bit rough around the edges maybe $1500-2000 depending on what it needs done. How much are they asking for?
  5. Nor more than $2000 as you describe it, not taking into account replacement parts that will be needed in the near future as Tweet said.
  6. They're asking $3.5K. Waaaay steep, I realise, but I don't want to offer him either too much over what it's worth, or waaaayyyy too little under what it's worth. I want the guy to still talk to me if I offer him a low price, not slap me upside the head for being rude.. heheh

    I was originally thinking of offering $2.5K, but I might downgrade that to $1.8K (depending on what the prepurchase findings are as well) & keep that pretty damned firm ('take it or leave it' sort of thing).

    Got word from a friend of mine that she bought her '97 (I think?) Across (first bike, maybe 3 years ago?) for $1000, similar mileage etc. I then freaked out at the price difference between what this guy is asking & what she got hers for... & thought I'd ask you guys. :) :cool:

    Thanks for the answers to date.. keep them coming! :grin:

    ps. sorry, I talk a lot once I get started (only online tho, it's odd). :p

    pps. prepurchase check today, will let you know what they say & ask your advice again. I appreciate it.
  7. Just got back from the prepurchase check. Mechanic thinks that it's a good bike, though needs some work done pretty soon (no real surprise).. but not as much as it could be. $500 for work on forks (oil replacement) & drive train + sprockets stuff. He believes that it would sell for $2.5K easily & hold that value for when I wanted to sell.

    I'm crap at negotiating prices.

    Do I offer $2.5K straight up (& be willing to move to $2.7K perhaps)? Or start lower stating that it's worth $2.5K but needs $500 work immediately, so therefore I'm offering $2.2K (for example)...?

    *groan* I hate this bit. :roll: :p heheh..
  8. Tell him $2000, that's a the most I'd pay for it
  9. If you don't like the deal, walk away. Plenty of bikes around.
    Watch Ebay etc and prepare to travel to Sydney.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. I would do the same, offer $2000 and explain your reasons why (needs work, quite an old bike, decent amount of Ks on it etc). Its also a good reason to try and guage the level of interest in the bike, you can use it as a bargaining chip :).

    Best of luck! The Across is a good learners bike...apart from their evil seats, it was truly designed by a sadist.
  11. I dunno about how the Across rides, but the engines' a bloody ripper, it's actually an effort to keep it under the speed limit. It's got plenty of revs like other I4 250's, but plenty of power the whole time as well :twisted:
  12. Cheers for the words! I'm not so good at being a toughnut... though I should work at it a bit more. :p Difficult when I'm young looking, relatively short, blonde hair, blue eyes. :evil: Sometimes peeps just don't take me seriously. :roll:

    I'll do '$2000 or walk away'. It's getting way too close to my Ls expiring anyhoo (for me to be anywhere nearly able to get my Ps so soon), so there's no longer the rush to get a bike 'now now now'.

    Maybe 'sydney here I come'..? Will let you all know how it goes. thanks again!
  13. purrsikat,

    I'd second what other posters have said - patience pays off and there are plenty of bikes on Ebay, bikesales etc.

    Best of luck with the search.

    PS: I've got a kawa Z250c I'm thinking of parting with. Not as quick as an Across, but only 17000kms since new!

  14. Re: L legal bike prices (ACT) - how much for a bike like thi

    if you don't mind holding out till start of next yr, the new kawasaki 250cc bike will be for sale, you would probably looking to pay 6-7k brand new.

    Or if you have any mech smarts & are confident in buying a second hand bike you can get some really nice deals 3-5k.
  15. What sort of budget are you on for this bike? There's a couple of VTR250's for sale for about $4500-5000
  16. I paid $3k for my 98 across with 34k on the speedo. Its pretty mint too, little scratch on one fairing but mechanically perfect.

    But that was through a friend an i had to put a new clutch lever $10 and a new rear tyre on it $159. In the condition its in i think its worth about $3.5-4k, but i see that as the top end of the market.

    But im in melbourne an it seems the across gets a higher price down here.

    There not a rare bike or anything so just shop around if you dont get it cheap. I would not pay much more than about $3.5k for a across that is ready to ride.
    Maybe around $2.5 for something that needs a little work like chain/sprocket, fork seals or brakes.
  17. My budget was quite low. & I say 'was' because I got the Across for $2200! I'm SO stoked! With the $500 worth of work it needs fairly soon, it's going to be a top bike for that kinda price, especially in the ACT I reckon..

    Thanks for all your thoughts & help. Much appreciated, cos I so far am just cheering! :grin: :grin:

    I would have liked a VTR a lot more, but they're pretty much out of my current price range. I wanted a cheapish bike (that I wouldn't too much worry about dropping) just to get to know riding & see if I like it etc.. & I definitely am not the 'buy new' kind of person, not at this level of riding especially! :wink:
  18. Congratulations. Let me know if you need any help with it.

    Suzuki Across page.
    Another Across page.
    Forum with a lot of Across information

    One of the best things about the Across is its fairly large community of riders. The above pages contain a lot of information on common problems, treatments and improvements (such as the common issues and how-to regarding the throttle sliders etc).

    Enjoy it and take it easy.
  19. Hey man, thanks for those links. :grin:

    I'll see if I can make it to the next tilleys coffee monday.. actually meet you people!!! I might walk instead though, probably faster for me than taking the bike. :p Heheh.. :)
  20. earner egal

    Hi all.
    Glad to find a learner legal area, am in NSW and my dads ordered new bike arriving month or two.