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L friendly ride to the Island for lunch -Good Friday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by streetmaster, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Hang on, you said you weren't going thru Bena, dammit!

    LOL - this is gonna be good.
  2. That will be down the highway, not the 'good' road!
  3. See you tomorrow.
  4. Sounds good, see you there
  5. Thanks Streetmaster, Greydog and Hotrod. Another great day out...
  6. Bummer I missed this, saw the post at the last minute and had already organised to show someone my son in laws gsxr 600
  7. Great day out. Weather was fantastic, started out with Streetmaster, Ultram and Hotrod, but H forgot his phone at the Lang Lang servo and went back for it (did he find it Ultram?).

    Cruised around Sth Gippy, rode along the beach, and ended up at Cowes for a late lunch of some VERY nice hamburgers. Traffic in Cowes - in fact, from the turnoff to PI itself- was unbelievable - especially when I had to go back in looking for Streety, who'd abandoned us looking for "facilities". What Ultram and I didn't realise is that he'd gone nearly all the way back to Newhaven looking, rather than stopping at the BP 100 metres up the road *sigh*. He came back for us, then we had to make a 'hurried' trip back so he could use said "facilities".

    Headed back the easy way (Street would have got improved fuel economy) and stopped in Tooradin for a cuppa. Ultram kept going as he had dinner guests and it was getting rather late! Street and I headed for home under a blackening sky, but managed to get back before the storm hit (luckily as Street had no wetties with him).

    Thanks for a great day out Streetmaster. My credibility as a goody two shoes is shot after some interesting "overtaking" getting thru Koo Wee Rup (chokkers!) and some imaginative use of the shoulder coming into San Remo. Plus the tach needle found new territory on the poor VTR overtaking the cages on the hwy. Fkit, I wasn't getting left behind!

    And we've totally ruined Ultram - where we went, he went too without a qualm, so he's no beige either LOL!
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  8. Imaginative use of the shoulder is right Greydog, I felt like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape, looked down at one stage and the black stuff had turned green :) only thing missing was a fence to jump and dammit I would have done that too :)
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