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L and P rider licence with your Unrestricted drivers Licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Veilspade, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Hey all

    I was unsure with the new rules with if I get caught speeding accidently or not wether ill loose my drivers licence for the 3 months ill loose my bike licence for. Well we received this email from the RTA

    So a bit of good news all in all


  2. Thats awsome, you took some weight off my chest. Thanks for that.

    Cheers :cool:
  3. Ah, i've been hearing two different stories on the subject, this was the more logical version. It pretty much clears it up now so im sure it's a load off most people's chests.

    Good luck in your P's test Dave, im expecting that L plate to have dissapeared at the next Fiddler meet :)
  4. I don't want to sound like a sourpuss, but wouldn't it just be a good idea not to speed to begin with?

    On a car club forum I am on, there was a whole sh!7fight over police hiding speed cameras, then a massive debate over the legality and validity of tickets form the fixed cameras (when they eventually commence them in QLD) and I had the same idea...

    As far as I am concerned, Police and traffic authorities can do whatever they want as far as fines, penalties and anything else to do with speed....if you don't speed, then you have absolutley nothing to worry about.....

    I am 31 and have been on the road for 14 years and have currently got all 12 of my points and have had them all since the day I got my open licence 11 years ago....

    Contrary to popular belief, it is relatively easy to keep your speed under control. Ironically in both cars and bikes, there is a device you can use to help called the brakes.....

    Sorry, I feel strongly about this because I was involved in a car accident when I was 4. My whole family (Mum, Dad and my brother and sister) were all in the car and my dad was speeding (as well as being drunk). THe only thing that saved us was pure luck.....

    end rant.....
  5. Thanks Veilspade

    I was wondering the same thing

    Is this on the RTA website anywhere?

    I have a friend who is a policeman who thought that its a 3 month loss of license for you car license if you get caught speeding or loose all your points on your P1's
  6. I believe that speeding is fine when there is no chance of you hurting yourself or others(When this actually is, can be debated till the cows come home). Speeding on a bike, is usually just putting yourself at risk. I'm not saying its smart, but not all of us are boy scouts.

    I think speeding should never be done to impress others. *little pinky*

    It's sad to hear your story tubby, but your dad was drunk before he was speeding. I think riders should have a 0 bac rule applied. Eventually when i get my full riders licence i never plan to drink and ride. I'd take my car instead.

    (Just for the record, I havent lost any of my points yet)
  7. Thanks for the post!


    And Tubby, losing your license doing 65 in a 60 zone is the main problem I have. If someone is speeding in a dangerous manner, go for it, fine the crap out of them. But if they're speeding safely (thats right, you CAN speed safely), no one should care - eg. doing 70 in a 60 zone at 2am on a main road with no one around... yeaah..)
  8. Theres no such thing as safe speeding (when you're in a bombadore or a falcon) ^_^
  9. The above comments all stem from the propaganda machines our state governments are churning out

    I have done this debate dozens of times.

    What is speeding?

    Is it

    A. Exceeding the speed limit


    B. Driving too fast for the conditions

    Now, convieniently, the state governments and their traffic authority counterparts statistically use B, ie they will say that 80% of accidents are caused by speeding, however, when ENFORCING the road rules, they concentrate on A, which is completely idiotic.

    I agree, that there is no such thing as safe speeding, as long as you are referring to the B defintion above, because often the safest speed to be travelling is above the speed limit *, also often its very far below the speed limit.

    So because of the intentional blurring of these definitions you have successfully convinced the general public that over-zealous enforcement of a nearly random number in a sign is for their own good, read between the lines people.

    For people who are gullible enough to think that its NEVER safe to be travelling above the little number in the red circle, google the term "the 85th percentile" and then read up on how the Aust state governments apply speed limits.
  10. its not so much safe speeding as its really easy to go 5km over the limit without realising. Id rather be traveling at 65 in a 60 zone than watching my speedo constantly and crashing.
  11. I disagree with you there. Although It does seem they arnt solving the real problem, A gives them a numerical value to compare you with. B is just a matter of opinion in most cases.

    They police A because its the easiest out of the two.
  12. If im trying not to speed, then im concentrating on my speedo. If im concentrating on my speedo, im not concentrating on my surroundings and im at a high risk of crashing. THAT is what makes me worried. I don't want to have most of my attention on the speedo and crash and injure myself, but at the same time i don't want to get caught going 5-10ks over the limit and not be able to ride or drive for the next 3 months. That's why this is a big issue for most people.
  13. Definitely. I find when driving I look at the speedo every 3 seconds, its terrible..
  14. +50, I'd rather lose my licence than my life.
  15. i found my self braking hard on my bike a number of time because i was looking at the speedo and not ahead when a car changed lanes and started braking in front of me ... i just said "to hell with it" not looking at my speedo anymore... they take it away, so be it. My life is more important... another thing it makes people do is take off L/P plates and just ride. Normal rider/driver will not be stopped unless they are more then 10k above the limit.

    Oh and i was nearly killed twice on the motorway because i was doing 80 in 110 zone and everyone else doing 120 behind me. Not a smart rule

  16. So what happens if you loose your bike P's for say 3 months.

    Does that mean you need to add an extra 3 months to your restrictions. I.e 12 months P's licensed and riding total...