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L.A.M.S. bikes - how TAS & maybe yr Gov't will get yr mo

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Dazshy, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all. Anyone had any experience with your state transport and the new L.A.M.S. restrictions yet? Here's an interesting tale. Recently passed my level 2 test, being an older rider returning to bikes. Having passed, my only restriction is a 250cc limit for a year. For many reasons I decided to to apply to get this restriction lifted. Applied, waited, then they sent me the "correct" form so started the process again. Today I get a call from Transport asking me to nominate the EXACT bike from the L.A.M.S. list I want an exemption for. ( I had put a couple of bikes from the list on the form). I stated I wasn't sure as I was on a 250 limit, and as such I could not legally test ride either. They then offered me a "test ride exemption", valid for two months. At that point I then must nominate a specific bike that they would then list on the back of my licence and I must stick to. When I asked what would happen if I wanted to change bikes or even test ride another, they said I had to re-apply and of course pay the new fee for doing so! What a rip! Just another bite out of us bikers wallets. What would be the reaction if all P plate car drivers were restricted to a handful of car choices? Where's the equality? I understand they don't want new riders on R1's and the like, but surely we can be allowed to ride any L.A.M.S. bike without first letting them know? Don't put up with this shit! Write a letter to your member of parliament, write to newspapers, ask why? 'cos sooner or later its going to happen in other states or something like it. Any thoughts?

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  3. Bit harsh Eswen?, Daz was probably just trying to fit a big descriptive title into a limited space....

    I agree with you daz, the gumnt (ha, cop that Eswen :wink: ) has still got the sooks cos (and that Eswen!! :p ) the "safety" levy on Bike licenses was thrown out, they were going to scrap all other safety initiatives, inc LAMS in retaliation (ie take the bat and ball and go home, typical sooky poltician reaction)

    So this is the result, told by the MAIB nd MC lobby to grow up, they twistthe LAMS application into a mess, hard to police, hard to comply with, a bloody mess.

    All it will do is encourage more people to take the (low) risk of riding a bike of bigger capacity than they're licenced for, as the fine (if applied at all) is less than the hassle of doing the "right" thing. I didn't think it was possible, but our current Transport Minister is more brain Dead than the last.

    Oh well, back to the letter writing, pollie baiting and lobbying.

    Good fun and very therapeutic when it's too wet to ride :grin:
  4. Yeah, +1 the option of just riding a bigger bike.
    a $150 fine no points last time I checked (in Victoria).

    Or what I did. Use your Ls and Ps period to save up some extra cash.
  5. yeah i get that, but there is still better ways to put it :LOL: I just struggled to understand what he was talking about :rofl:
  6. why does the govnmnt want my moustache? :-k

  7. You obviously haven't coughed up your Hair Tax, it's being held as collateral.

    Loved that website Eswin, PMSL at some of those clips (esp "jiggly but", just like someone I know)

  8. A very good idea, but in Daz's case he wants to try a few bikes before heading OS on a long, hopefully bike riding, holiday.
  9. This appears to be some weird Tasmanian thing... (tautology there :LOL: )

    AFAIK in NSW SA & the ACT you can ride any LAMS approved bike. - Certainly that's what the intention is for Victoria.

  10. No, it's a weird tasmanian political thing.

    originally it was going to be a straight out NSW LAMS copy, as part of a bigger "safety package", but the then transport minister (Brian Green, wanker extraordinaire) got a part of the safety package kicked out of the upper house ($15 levy), in a sooky sulk session, the whole package was put on hold.

    Enter another transport minister after the state election, Jim Cox (by name, and by nature, a true c0ck if ever there is one) At least Green was competent enough to cover his arse when needed, this bloke is an un-imaginitive, incompetent oxygen thief. He appears to hate motorbikes for some reason, and if it wasn't for his well known incompetence, you'd swear he is trying to strangle riders in beaurocratic form filling and paper chasing. Sadly, he and Brian Green are good mates of the Premier, and as such are here to stay..

    The good news is that Daz got a letter from someone in licensing with a tad of common sense, offering him a three month "road test" exemption.

    IIRC, she also told Daz that they haven't informed the police about any of this (police being a different department, with a different minister) so the chances of mr plod knowing what is legal to ride and what isn't is very remote, so bugger 'em I say.

    SIGH.... such is the way of our "democracy"

    Give me a benificial dictator anyday.... it's finding one that's the killer.