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kz250c shifting problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pat260z250c, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, so after some little problems i have the bike (81 kawasaki z250c) going. replaced the reg/rec and any burnt out wiring which got all the electronics working, dismantled and boiled the carburetor which got her firing nicely. so now the next problem!
    took it for a little ride around locally and was going fine, then after a stall started struggling to get into neutral or first. Once i got it home i managed to get it into neutral so tried riding it again yesterday, again couldn't get back down to first or neutral and now i think it may be stuck in 2nd or 3rd, doesnt feel like its shifting at all, just kinda clicking up and down as if its disconnected. so to the point, what could be the cause of this problem and how much would i be biting off opening up the transmission? gotta state that i have next to no knowledge about bike mechanics or transmissions, this whole thing is just an experiment...
    Thanks, Pat

  2. Did you change the engine oil/filter, considering it also oils the transmission? Seems like an older bike, could get dirt/gunk caught in places?
  3. Yer oil
    Put the good stuff in
  4. Thanks guys yeah that my next plan, might run an oil cleaning additive in there and let it free wheel with the back tire up then dump it and put some clean oil in.
    although its feeling pretty hopeless at the moment, i think it could be rooted shift forks from what i've been reading which will be the end of it...
  5. so i put new oil in and ran the bike for a bit, played with the shifter a bit with the back wheel off the ground then tried a quick ride. the bike is completely stuck in 3rd, i can take off riding the clutch to bollocks...After me trying to shift (maybe a little force excessive due to frustration) repeatedly the lever now has no feel too it. it just swings up and down. sooo i'm guessing i've definitely destroyed the shift forks or something internally in the trans. Am i kidding myself thinking about trying to dismantle the engine/trans? i've read its probably the worst thing to try and do. hmm
  6. what you need to do is do a Utube search on clutch replacement for your bike,
    then you can make a call on whether to get your hands dirty.

    its not hard to muck with the clutch side of things - but best to watch a vid first.
    when you strip yours out you should be able to find where yours has gone wrong.
    cleaning up (or replacing)the clutch plates by hand will also help your shift problem.

    what oil did you use?
  7. I think you've gone past the possibility of an oiling fault. If the pedal 'just swings up and down', it could be stuck gunk, or it could be mechanical fault with whatever mechanism mediates shifting. Apologies I'm not a transmission person but I'm just using theory here for ideas.

    Your best bet, if you wish to save money on mechanics, is removing the transmission. Considering that you can "ride the clutch to bollocks", to start from third, I'd assume the clutch is fine (plates etc.). The problem is definitely in the transmission. Regardless if you take it out you can clean the individual components, and visually inspect for sheared parts, or bits of metal scrapings present. Since you stated that you could ride in other gears, the issue is not with the gears themselves, but with shifting mechanisms, as you alluded to earlier. Give it a try, if you are mechanically sound. I don't see how you could make the bike any worse off than it is now.