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Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by 2Loud, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. [NSW] Kyogle

    I did a 290Km trip yesterday since it was such a nice day, and such weather has been rare this year.

    Kyogle Rd from around the Byrril Creek turn off, to Kyogle has long been of poor quality, and I've noticed the number of bikes dropping off over the last couple of years. I haven't been on this road past the Nimbin turn off for a long time so thought I'd give it a go as the scenery is nice.

    The condition of the road was pathetic, there are many nice sweeping corners that are now a mosaic of pothole repair jobs that were never smoothed off, now overlapping. Other holes were found along the road, and many on corners, also some gravel. It was very annoying and screwed with my mind wondering what was around the next corner, so it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been.

    To get even worse, there was a roadworks site, with one lane closed and portable lights at each end. When I got my turn, I came across an excavator slewing with its counterweights over the safety barricade and into the traffic lane!

    As the trip continued the road got better, and you always notice the difference (for the better) when you get onto a state road in Qld.
    For what its worth, I emailed the council about the road and excavator. Tomorrow is bolt and loctite time, hopefully i still have them all.

  2. You can add the Tabulam to Woodenbong road to that list. Great scenery but the surface in too many places consists entirely of patches. Same as Thunderbolt's, sadly.
  3. I rode the same route on the CB400 yesterday, also:
    Pottsville to Mooball > Uki > Kyogle > Woodenbong > Killarney > Warwick.

    I wasn't aware going in the condition of the roads and had a few scary moments early on finding those potholes mid corner. I was riding west in the afternoon and had the misfortune of riding into the sun...

    I can tell you: That road + sun in your eyes + corners = one scary ride.

    Couldnt see and hit one pothole and I swear the whole bike must have gotten airborne!

    Not a road for sports bike anymore. Which is a shame cos it's quite scenic and flowing roads.
  4. Which sections of that ride did you find the worst?
    Did you head down Tweed Coast Road through Wooyung and back up to Mooball or out the back of Pottsville and across to Mooball?
  5. I went out the back of Pottsville direct to Mooball.

    Can't really remember which I found the worst to be honest.... A lot of the sections of road have melded into one!

    This was the route I took (Start and End are just approximations to make a route).

    Pretty Sure Kyogle road was pretty bad. In fact, everything between Mooball and Killarney was pretty atrocious!
  6. Thanks for the info and update. It's been a while since I was out that way even though I'm not far from Pottsville.
    When I can get back on the bike I need to get it to an unregistered inspection station at either Mooball or Chinderah. I think I'll do Chinderah.
  7. Aye QFT, did both last November, absolutely shocking...Thunderbolts was a patch work, going into Woodenbong was awful too. Terrible state of road repair :(

  8. Out of interest... what Mt Lindsay road like nowadays........??

    nad I can imagine what Lions road from Kyogle over to the border is like now :(
  9. ****ed...
  10. Actually, quite a bit of the Mt Lindesay road, well, the bit that matters, isn't too bad. The odd crappy repair but still plenty of nice tight corners with an adequate surface. Maybe it's a road for bikes like mine, with handlebars better suited to wresting the thing around the lumps and bumps! But it pays to stick to late apexing to give yourself the best look at what's coming up.
  11. FYI... Anyone still watching this 12 month old thread, I can attest the state if the Woodenbong-Killerney road has not improved one bit. Rode it today (eastbound) and my recommendation is "just DON'T do it".:shock:
  12. Thanks for the heads up.
    Where did you head t after Woodenbong? Any reports on the condition of other roads around there?
    Welcome to the forums btw.
  13. Sux, I'm wanting to head that way to a pub steak and beer (don't know what pub is good anyway).
    Anyone see the subsidence at Blue Knob a couple months ago? The road must have gone down about a foot. You could anything airborne on the ramp at either end if you weren't paying attention.
  14. After Woodenbong ( & 3 nurofen to relieve the aches from the bad roads) we headed north on Summerland Way to Beaudesert and then across to the coast via Canungra. The Summerland was in good condition.

    And, prior to Killarney, the roads from Warwick were lovely, pacing through magnificent farming country
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