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kymco venox 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mendy, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I came across this online, and really like it.
    The price might be in my budget. (In a few months when I have enough for a bike.) It really looks good.
    All the reviews I have read up, say that the quality and so forth is on par with the Jap 250's. As I have never heard of this particular bike, has anyone have any experience or seen one in the flesh. I am guessing it is suitable for a new Learner rider.
    Note: The company have been making scooters for a while, and are fairly common around.

    Any thoughts . . . . ?

    8 Pages of reviews. LINKY -

  2. I've noticed that Lifan are advertising a 400cc cruiser that basically looks like a copy of the 400 Virago (Japan only).

    I don't know where you would buy one, but it might be worth comparison.

    btw I would be skeptical of any claims about quality. Expect to have more problems than the Japanese. The only question is how much more?
  3. 28hp, 190kg (wet I hope), 5 speed gearbox, rear drum and $7390 rideaway

    2yr unlimited km warranty is a good sign.

    It's not cheap enough or (reputedly) good enough IMO to warrant purchase over a secondhand Japanese/proven alternative, selling it when you are done will be like trying to sell cancer (or a hyosung :) ).
  4. But isn't 28 hp more than the competition. They say that the bike is light to its size, and it is low in the bike (even with full tank).
    It does come from a reputable company.

    BTW, I would Definitely buy one of these over a Hyosung. I just don't like the style of their 250 Aquila.
    I was thinking of the virago- (proven time after time in many years, that it is a great bike) and the Suzuki intruder. But this is different. It is sizable and I like a lot of the design features. The instrumental display is nice and it apparently even sounds like a bigger twin.
    But I've never seen one in the flesh, or heard of them before.
    I realize they have been selling this model overseas for a few years now, though.
    Just want to know if it would make a good purchase for first a first time buyer (ME).
  5. Cheers stigger
  6. If the bike is a short term purchase, ie <2yrs you will lose a heap in depreciation _and_ have a really hard time selling it, harder to sell than a aquila IMO

    The company may be reputable, "Kymco" isn't exactly common though, what is spare parts availability like?

    28hp is not bad compared to aircooled antique competition, for a water cooled 8v dohc it is below average.

    175kg dry? (according to kymco's site), is utterly average to heavy for a 250.....the virago is 147kg wet for example

    There are many options out there for the kind of money you are talking about......
  7. Saw one of these at scooter shop the other day, looks interesting. Cheap and cheerful, like most kymcos. Shouldn't be an issue as long as you intend on keeping the bike for a while (which isn't likely, since small cruisers are typically often shockingly underpowered)
  8. I tried one out for size yesterday-(on Elizabeth st) at the store, and it is actually quite comfortable.
    Parts should not be too hard to come by, as this bike is common around in other countries.
    The finish of the bike was really good, as far as I could see.
    Now all I can do is wait. A few months. I will get the money. . . .