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VIC Kymco Super 8 (2011) Orange Sports Scooter Stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Shiralee, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. #1 Shiralee, Jan 15, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2013
    Between 9pm on Monday 14th Jan & 7am Tuesday 15th Jan, my Kymco Super 8 (2011) was stolen from my daughter's address in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Police informed.

    Kymco Super 8 (2011 model) 125cc; Bright orange with silver on front panel; silver & black hard top box on back; Was in excellent, near-new condition;
    Rego: NSW - PCU 48 (Yellow with Black text)
    VIN/Chassis: LC2U80000B2800146; Engine No: KL253800409.
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  2. Bastards, what rotten circumstances. Hope your daughter gets mobile soon, and the bike gets recovered.
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  3. It won't let me upload a photo ??? Any suggestions. I have .jpg pictures of it, but I keep getting error messages.
  4. Shiralee, upload the photo to Post Image (<-- click to open URL) and place the results of "Thumbnail for Forums (1)" into one of your posts.
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  5. Or post a link to a photo of it or of one the same model and colour until you get the direct method worked out.

    *Just noticed you reached post number six, so if the 5 post minimum still applies, you'd be good to try again now.
  6. Well, I followed Blaize's advice and now I have a link to someone's webpage instead of the scooter and now I can't fix it :confused:[​IMG] Oh, well.
  7. Shiralee, the link you posted is from a Facebook page, not Post Image... looks like your "copy" command didn't work and picked up something you'd copied earlier.
  8. Thanks 87Crisis for the link to a similar scooter. I think we've figured out what went wrong with the link. It appears it can't be fixed now, so here's a link to my stolen scooter...

  9. Shiiralee, I think this is the image you're looking to post, (don't feel bad, I had to play around a lot to get it show properly)...


    Edit: Looks like Post Image was having a problem as I can see your thumbnail now.
  10. Thanks Blaize. Not sure how the other link got in there, I've never seen it before. I think the site I used had something containing the text "Kymco" and somehow it all got muddled up. Anyway, the right photo is up now.
  11. Thanks Blaize, appreciate your assistance.