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kymco quannon 125 will not start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by n4spd, May 13, 2013.

  1. its clutch cable was broken last week and i got it fixed at a shop, put it back on Saturday morning, started it no problem.

    this morning i try to start it and it won't work. there is electricity as the speedo lights up and the bike do a self check by turning its needle from 0-10,000rpm. so the battery is ok. i pushed the start button a few times it makes a noise but won't start the engine, and in stead it would do another self check.

    it behaves the same way when i switch the Kill switch up and down, as if the switch is on Kill position even if i switch it to Run. i tried to do this on N so the stand should not be stopping the engine.

    i will upload a video to youtube and post a link here when i am back this evening.

    thanks very much in advance for any input!
  2. batterys low or its rooted.

    it doing a self check after you let go of the starter suggests that the starter is pulling most of the available current, causing the brain to switch off. let go of the starter, it gets electricity, switches back on again.

    if you have a multimeter, check the battery voltage(with the bike off), and the crank voltage(while trying to start it)

    depending on the vehicle and the battery, the battery should be sitting around the 12V mark (+-.6V or so)
    the crank voltage shouldnt drop below about 9.5V

    if the battery is below 12V, it is low
    if the crank voltage drops below 9V, the battery is prob rooted.
  3. thanks very much, i started started riding 3 months ago so i know nothing about the electric. the bike does not come with a kick start, i wonder is it possible of push start it? if so how? otherwise my only option is to buy a new battery and hope it would fix the problem.

    also how much it may cost to buy a new battery? i don't even know where is the battery on the bike yet, probably under the sit, but that is how much i know bikes. thanks again.
  4. Push starting is something I had to do for awhile - It's easy to do, especially with a light bike. Now, my way may not be the best way of doing it, but it works (i'm not claiming it's the "Correct" way- just making that clear.)

    Depending on your bike, you'll need to be in first or second gear. I used second gear on my CBR125R - Run with the bike (clutch engaged) until you feel you've gotten up to speed, the faster you go, the better chance (make sure the bike is switched on, and in gear) once you're at speed, drop the clutch and hit the ignition button, the bike should start happily, remember to not pull the throttle to much or it'll take off without you.

    You can either jump on and ride off, or pull the clutch back in, give it some revs, and brake. Goodluck!
  5. Edit: If you live near-by, I'm willing to give you a hand in exchange for a quick test-ride. :p
  6. hi thanks, i live in west pannent hills, NSW, i guess you are in VIC, it is pretty slow uphills and start up, but as a first bike i don't complain.
  7. find a friend with a multimeter and or battery charger before you replace the battery and check the voltages.

    there are quite a few reasons why a battery runs flat, a couple as follows
    its been sitting for too long
    its been started a couple of times without running it far enough to recharge the battery
    some doofus left the heated grips on while they were at work (i am getting around to putting a relay in...)
    the stator/generator/altenator may be fooked and not charging your battery.

    so there may be nothing actually wrong, or it could be the battery, or it could be the stator.

    personally, i would jump start it and take it for a good long ride (20 mins at the least... not counting traffic), leave it over night, try to start... see what happens (this is assuming you dont have a battery charger and/or multimeter)
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  8. hi thanks a lot, i will try to push start it and ride for half an hour tomorrow morning. i suspect the battery is flat, i should have taken it to a ride on Saturday after a week in the garage. thanks again.
  9. The best way to push start a Kymco is on a jetty,that way the outcome will be a win whether it starts or not.
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