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Kymco Like side stand - useless or what??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Rybky, May 14, 2012.

  1. My girlfriend's daughter has just bought herself a Kymco Like 125 and it comes with both a center and side stands. The side stand seems pointless and frankly quite dangerous!

    The stand does not stay down on its own at all, you can hold it down with your foot and put the bike's weight on it but the slightest movement of the bike (I suspect even the wind blowing it) causes the stand to flick back up.

    I have never seen a side stand do this, yes they have a spring loaded return but normally they stay down until flicked back.

    Is this normal for the side stand on a Kymco Like 125?

    Scooter Central claim this is normal and we just shouldn't use it ... WTF??


  2. this is probably to get around not having to have a switch on the sidestand so the bike cuts out when put into gear with having the stand down.
  3. Ahhh! Didn't think of that. You could be on to something.

    So because our stand does not have a required safety feature we will make it more unsafe rather than just remove it. Nice Kymco.

  4. It is a joke these guys retail them, someone imports them, and that is the response they give.
    A lot of hard earned to throw down on something, and annoying when people shrug their shoulders at a problem.
    Get down to the store and make noise, politely. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that
  5. sounds like the spring on the trials bike i used for a trials course,
    bit annoying - but it makes it impossible to leave it down. its a trade off.
    but its perfectly fine, once it has the weight of the bike on it - then it will not go back up until the weight is removed.
  6. the aprilia sxv550 motards stand is like that, my mate was always paranoid it would fall if someone bumped it
  7. Are you sure the sidestand doesn't just spring up so you don't leave it down while riding. Vespa's do that.