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Kymco Bug Espresso, anybody?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by alice, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. hi,

    I'm doing my research at the moment. i'm looking for something in the 100-250cc range.

    i just starting looking at the kymco bug espresso. it's the first big wheel scooter i've begun to consider.

    i would like to hear from people who own this scooter or know a bit about it.

    things i'd like to know are:

    top speed?

    how's its acceleration off the mark?

    how does it go on 90-100km city freeways?

    how's the build quality and reliability?


  2. hi alice
    welcome to Netrider.

    I have a definite preference for the big wheeled scooters. They are much better over the crappy roads we have (also great for nipping up the curb to park on the footpath).

    I quite like the espresso. When I did my motorcycle license the guys had an espresso for people to use if they just wanted the scooter license. They thought it was the best of the scooters around 150cc due to its competitive price and reasonable performance. I took it for a spin once and i thought it was great. Didn’t get it out on the freeway but had it up to 80km/hr and it was fine.

    I also like it cause it’s a bit different.

    Build quality is pretty typical – good but not up to the European or Jap standard, but certainly not bad.

    Another one to consider if you like the espresso might be the Piaggio Liberty. Its more expensive and a 125cc but better build quality and Piaggio are the most well known and wide spread scooter maker (they own Vespa and Aprilia and Gilera and god knows what else).

    Where are you located?
  3. hi thanks for the welcome. i've been prowling in the background for a few months now.

    i'm located in perth.

    i've read up a bit on the liberty. i looked at various sports scooters, speedfight, aerox 100 etc but decided they're probably not what i want.

    the vespa px200 is quite close to the top of my list also, and then the espresso caught my eye...hmmm

    so hard to choose.
  4. Do you have to have a Motorcycle Lic to ride a >50cc scooter in Perth? I know in QLD its <50cc = Car Lic but >50cc is a motorcycle licence.

  5. oooo the PX200 - now thats a great scoot :p old school.

    if you get a chance go and check out Scootamoto in Joondalup. they have a massive range, thats where i got my scoot and i get them to service it too. Dont think they would have the Espresso but they have all the Piaggio and lots more too.
  6. doggy, yep. R-E class motorcycle licence needed for >50cc up to 250cc

    duffman, scootamoto seemed to have a good range on their site. i probably do need to have a good test ride of the bikes on my list :)
  7. Ok I'm not taking the piss but If you have to have a Bike Lic why not have a Bike? (serious question). Don't get me wrong I used to have a scooter many years ago and enjoyed how easy it all was however I needed some more HP and go-power. :grin:
  8. Fair point Doggy and thats something that Alice will no doubt consider if she hasnt already.

    Alice, yep i would go to all the different scooter shops around and test ride as many bikes as you can.

    good luck!
  9. sorry, alice is just my nick name. my name is alistair and i'm a he. :)

    i like the convenience of scooters. i like the little bit of extra weather protection. i'd never need to use it out of the city so as long as i can do a few occasional short stretches of freeway i'm happy. i have no need to go 320km/h

    i owned a cb250 some years ago but got sick of getting oil flicked all over my clothes.
  10. Mate I ride a GS500! 320km/h :rofl: The flicking oil sounds like a problem but hey each to their own. BTW I secretly like the aprilla scooters.... Don't tell anyone! :p
  11. your secret's safe with me.

    my sectret is i drool over many 1000cc sports bikes, but hey not at all practical for me...
  12. seing you call yourself a girls name, do you also wear skirts? Hey thats it, you want a scooter so you can ride side saddle style with your skirt on :grin: :grin: :grin:

    i've discovered your true secret. not that theres anything wrong with it :wink:

    its ok, i dont think any less of you. i support your cross dressing lifestyle. Power to ya.
  13. no. no skirts here. alice is just a nickname, a legacy from earlier graph days.

    so you reckon the espresso would hold up fine on say perth to freo via stirling or canning hwy, and maybe a stretch of freeway say city to canning hwy?
  14. yeah mate,

    it would be fine for that. no worries at all.
    as long as you arent expecting sports bike performance that is :grin:

    as long as you keep in mind that you'll be limited to the city streets and local highways.

    i would think it will be fine up to about 80km/hr cruising speed. it will go faster but i susspect 80 will be the comfortable speed to sit on. That may limit its freeway use to short trips but as for stirling HWY and throughout the city, it should be sweet.
  15. if your thinking of buying NEW, Scooterworld in Sydney are doing the Espresso's for $4190 so perhaps you could use that as a benchmark and try to get a dealer over here to aim for that?

    also, check out all the dealers, some will want your business more than others :wink:

  16. Its a shame you didn't go to the recent scooter meet on sunday the 19th of march. 50-60 scooter riders all in one place and one in particular was a lady on a bug hawk, the 250 cc.
    Im sure the two of you could have had a good conversation about the bike along with the many other scooterites there, and im sure she could have given you some dress tips as well! :p

    Inceidently, here in w.a. you can get a REA-250 licence which is just for scooters up to 250cc. The "A" basically mean automatic motor bike.
  17. Bug Scooter, I don't think so...

    Following on from another comment I read...

    "Build quality is pretty typical – good but not up to the European or Jap standard, but certainly not bad.

    Another one to consider if you like the espresso might be the Piaggio Liberty. Its more expensive and a 125cc but better build quality and Piaggio are the most well known and wide spread scooter maker (they own Vespa and Aprilia and Gilera and god knows what else)"

    Personally, I brought the scooter because it was the best valued 150cc on the market and not being that expensive, AUD$4200 with helmet, I wouldn't be too worried if it received a few scratches and so on.

    How wrong I was... the scooter suffers rust on the shocks and mirrors after seven months and I dont' live near the sea, it has had steering problems which have been rectified after six visits. Turns out there are only handful of dealers who can service them correctly, the bike needs to be serviced every 3000 whereas the Vespas are 5000 so servicing costs go up and it stills backfires which I have found is a on-going issue with the BUG.

    So, its the old story, you pay for what you get. I'm currently looking to replace the BUG and would recommend you look elsewhere. I have heard great things about the Liberty and while 125cc, its pretty good as is the Honda 125cc as well. It all comes down to what you need it for and your budget.

    Hope this helps, if you need more, let me know.

  18. Re: Bug Scooter, I don't think so...


    sorry to hear you've had such bad luck with your scoot.

    I think your right that you do get what you pay for, but on the other hand every now and then you hear similar stories about Holdens and Fords etc so i guess there is the odd lemon out there, its just unfortunate you got stuck with it! :(

    I know a dealer in Perth who has decided to ditch BUG from his showrppm because he says they are not up to par and their service is terrible. So maybe there are some big problems at BUG headquarters.

    The Jap and Euro brands are, i believe, significantly better quality. Having said that, i've heard many good things about Bolwell and they also seem to have lots of dealers/service points.

    Good luck with your replacement.
  19. thanks for the info guys. i was expecting the build quality of the kymco to be better than that of mainland china brands.

    i'm thinking about saving a little longer and going for the sportcity 200.

    the only thing putting me off the sportcity though is the seat. i'm 6'3" and have pretty long legs so need to sit towards the back of the seat. the espresso had a long flat seat but the sportcity has the scoopy section then the raised pillion section behind. would it be uncomfortable sitting near the back for medium length trips you think?
  20. The sport city is a great scoot for sure.

    I’m 6ft 4 and the length isn’t a problem for me. But the padding of the seat is not that great. It has a bum-numb factor of 2hrs max for me. In fairness though, city scoots are probably not designed with long trips in mind.

    There are a number of options for improving comfort ranging from getting the seat re-padded by a motor trimmer or Hornet600’s preferred approach of wearing padded cycling shorts under your normal pants. I cant confirm how useful this is and I suspect he simply likes wearing lycra :p

    But I wouldn’t worry bout the seat its definitely not bad enough to turn you off the scoot.