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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Beno, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Hey all

    Just an introduction to start myself off on netrider.
    Am 41, and have just booked my L's again through Stay Upright in ACT.
    I did have L's (for 2 years!!) about 15yrs ago, when there were NO bike or speed restrictions in the ACT. Back then I was riding an '84 GS750EF, now I have picked up an 07 ZZR250 to get myself back into it.
    Plan is to then move on to a Ducatti, to keep the two Alfas in the shed company.
    Looking forward to joining in on the Netrider conversations!


  2. Welcome Ben, My Brother in Law is an Alfa aficionado, he has just come back from Tassie with his,
  3. Cheers Chris!
    Although not of Itialian heritage myself, for some reason I have moved from an 'all German' car household to 'all Italian' one over the last few years. I reckon a Ducati will nicely complete the picture!
  4. Howdy mate! Also 41 so you are in good company!

    What Ducatti do you have in mind? I'll be moving on to a Streetfighter 848 once my P sentence is complete.
  5. Hey GeorgeO. Well, I'd love to have a 900SL in the stable, but it's not really an everyday rider. So will probably go for a 999S (or R is the budget allows).
    At least at our age the P sentence is a bit shorter eh!?