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Kwaka ZZ-R 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Joff, May 31, 2005.

  1. Hey guys doing some research on the Kawasaki ZZ-R 250 at the moment, in hope of narrowing down what I will buy.

    Can't find any reviews online and was wondering if anyone could (a) post one or (b) write a mini review of their own, if they own one or are knowledgable on the subject.


  2. Sure :twisted:

    I bought my ZZR-250 in 2000 and stopped riding for 5 years.
  3. Edit: It's not a v-twin, it's a parallel. Most of the advice still applies, though.

    Many people here have them and love them. Just ask Doonks.

    Quick summary: They're a fully faired V-Twin sports tourer. While they're not as fast as the ZXR, CBR, or FZR sports 250s, they are quite quick at legal speeds and a bit beyond. Being V-Twins they have excellent torque making commuting easy. Being a sports-tourer rather than a pure sports they're quite comfortable to ride (or so I hear). Also, being a sports-tourer and a V-Twin rather than a pure sports you're more likely to find one that hasn't been thrashed by 18 y/o L platers.

    Other bikes in its class include the faired inline 4 Suzuki Across and the unfaired V-Twin VTR250 and Honda VT250 Spada.

    If you can give us more information on what you're looking for in a ride we can give you further advice on what ride would be right for you.
  4. great bike if you want something comfy, reliable, economic. but not the fastest in its group. not that its that much slower (there in it with 250s) but they do lack the racey feel. also look at the GPX, same motor on a lighter frame so better for the commute, but doesn't have the same wind protection so not as good for the long haul.

    i was totally impressed by the GPX/ZZR and i'd recommend either as a ripper of a first bike. VERY user friendly bikes in terms of handling and power but still have enuff boogie to play around in the twisties :D
  5. sorry, not a v-twin :wink: they're a parallal twin, making them a bit lighter than the V's i dont think they're quite as grunty down low as the V's but they are stull alot more grunty down there than the 4s are. and yeah, no trouble at all getting to or sittin on 100, and they're good to at least 150 if you feel like breaking the law :wink:
  6. ahh whoops. I thought the parallels were quite a bit less powerful than the V-Twins? Hence why the CB250 is so slow. Or is that just lack of stock compression/cooling/etc?

    Whoops - forgot about the GPX.
  7. nar, thats just cos the CB is crap :LOL:

    you're right tho, most of the paralal twins are a bit gutsless, but then, most of them arent very developed motors (4 valve air cooled relics from the 70s :LOL: ). the GPX/ZZR motor is quite strong, reliable, easy to work on and very economic. it lacks the top end of the 4s and the bottom end of the V-twins, but it has enuff of both be be a great medium.
  8. At least :twisted: :D They are a great bike, though no 250's are particularly special. It's all relative, you see.
  9. CB250s are 233ccs so less grunt room than many other 250s.
  10. I've only had a small whip around on the CBR250, so not much basis for comparison.

    ZZR250 is a very comfortable bike. A very fun bike in the twisties. Not as fast as a CBR. However, it is faster than an Across (and isn't that all it matters ;p ). Can at least beat most stock straight sixes, and V6 automatics (and drivers who don't know how to gear shift manual).

    Smooth riding, it is a sports tourer, more upright position, although not absolutely vertically upright.

    Max speed I think is 160km/h, takes a while to get there though :).

    Unfortunately, its idling sound isn't very satisfying. You 'could' install an aftermarket muffler on it, but probably not really worth it.

    Very reliable, and mechanical parts are cheap to fix. An excellent first bike, it'll be very loyal to you during your learning period.

    Comparison to the GPX250, same engine, but ZZR alot more comfortable, slightly more advanced suspension.

    And finally, economical to run. I fill only Mobil 8000 or BP Ultimate. I get average 360km before reserves. 410km riding till dry. Has 15 + 2.5 litre tank. Much cheaper to run that my '86 Magna rustbucket. Does the same number of kms with 65 litres.
  11. my bike does 360km too but i switched to reserve on 230 after a few guys told me it was too much to get out of 15 litres. so now im weary..
  12. I had an experience like that once, I hadn't switched to reserve yet and I was getting it up to 380km. So I went to fill up, and I managed to get in about 16.5 litres in :shock:. Maybe because I filled it pretty high, but that's a lot of fuel before reserve.

    But anyways it seems okay. Having times with heaps of kms before fill are just because of the way you ride. Doing alot of freeway commuting gets you the most amount of kms, as in, just maintaining a constant speed uses the least amount of fuel. This is as opposed to stop and go on stretches with heaps of intersections.
  13. well yeah ive been travelling on the eastern every day.. i think thats why, mipearson was saying he only gets 190.
  14. as I've learnt from my crap experience with my Fzr250... buy the cheapest well looked after well running 250 you can and ride it's tits off until you can ride a 600 supersports.
    My fzr250 cost me $3500 and it was a big rip off I had so many problems with it, FINALLY got it running and now I'm cruising round and saving for a Gsx-r 600 for when I'm off restrictions. I had a friend that had a zzr-250 for his L's and compared to the inline 4-pot screamers they are soo much more comfortable to maneuver in slow traffic conditions if you drive or have driven a manual car it's a little easier to make the transition to these tourquie bikes, takes a little while to get used to revving the crap out of a cbr or fzr. But it's all subjective. If I had my time again I would definitely have bought a zzr250 which was well looked after... but then again my fizzer is growing on me :D
  15. haha so its all good patske?

    did u get any money off your mate at all?