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Kwaka ZXR6 09 model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RENSHELL, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Hi guys...could you please give me your opinions on the Kawasaki ZXR6 09 model..Im really interested in upgrading from my hyosung GT250R...Any help wou;d be appreciated....

  2. Looks sexy, is fast, cost lots of monies and i dont have one but wouldn't mind one if you can buy two.
  3. If you like sports bikes then the MCN review (click here) rates it as a pretty good bike. A Netrider bought one about one month ago. I haven't done a search for the link to his write up. He likes it. I think they look horn and would have one.
  4. Cant go wrong with any of the current 600 range.

    Some mags even rate the Ninja the best of the bunch this year.



    They have some rather good reviews. Alternatively, grab a copy of the local AMCN Magazine; I think it should still be on shelves. 09 reviews were done quite recently.
  5. mates got 1


    his netrider name is discocbr, not on these boards much these days but does check pm's, ask him, im sure he will tell u all about it
  6. The current? Or maybe its now the previous issue of AMCN does a shoot out between all 09 supersports. I can probably scan it and email it to you if you like? The ZX6R gets a good review.

  7. Think its current, just picked it up yesterday and they were on the cover.
  8. The '09 received seriously good press upon it's release for being a major step forward. Some have been good deals here and there too.
  9. Thanx for your opinion guys..I went & purchased myself 1 green zxr6 ninja today...Gee what a step up from the hyo 250...Amazing is all i have to say..Still need to get used to the power difference,but i'm sure i will have it figured ot by the wknd...Thanx again.....
  10. ye, so where are the pics?

    i call bullshit till pics are produced :LOL:
  11. +1

    Pics or Ban...
  12. ok ok lol,this is best i can do at the moment...will take some more nice shots when i get the opportunity to take it for a decent ride.....ok tried,can sum1 please tell me how to upload pic.....add image to post wont work.....yes im hopeless thanx lol
  13. Here is my new BABY......http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu345/renshell/iPhone003.jpg[/img]
  14. You missed the opening image tag


    Nice bike, in traditional colour too :wink: :applause:

    Edit: This is not my bike, I just fixed up the image tag for the pic
  15. noice mate, have fun wth her
  16. I would say nice, but it would be obvious :LOL:
  17. mmm green.
    mmm new air ram and lights.