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Kwaka zxr250c, CBR250rr, 2006 Aprilia RS125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyPat, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Hi peoples, im new to the forum and just wanted some advice from all of you on the 3 bikes.

    I am on my P's with about 6 months to go in NSW. During my learners i had a NSR150SP 2 stroke and after i bought an Aus spec CBR250RR which i was pretty happy with.

    I sold the CBR to fund an overseas trip now that im back want to get back on a bike.

    I didn't mind the NSR150 being 2 stroke it was very noisy but when the power kicked in it was fun, just hated the kick start, especially when learning and you stall the thing on the road, it sux.

    The CBR was great. Now i have looked at the new 2006 Aprilia RS125 and they are like $9,900 on the road new and the new fairings etc look hot IMO. I'm not too fussed it being 2 stroke and i am aware rebuilds are gonna happen especially if you give them a hard time.

    But now i have also seen the Kwaka zxr250c or zxr250s, im not sure what the diff is as on bike sales and bike point they go under different listings.

    Reason being why im looking at them it seems there are late models like 2003 Australian models (correct me if im wrong) and low kms.

    Are these similar to the CBR250rr and go just as hard as them, the styling is very similar to the cbr250rr. I cant seem to find any specs on them. (zxr250)

    I dont really want to go back to a CBR250rr. And i'm real fussy on the condition of a bike, so thats why im looking for a late model or new aprilia.But i am in 2 minds about the aprilia being a 125cc and having to do rebuilds maybe every 10 or so k

    If you people have any opinions on which bike especially the kwaka or Aprilia i would really appreciate your comments.

    Here is the link to Kwaka im refering to

  2. spending $10,000 on a 125cc bike will make baby jesus cry, please don't do it.
  3. Can I ask why you would want to be buying a new bike that costs $9000 when you will be off your restrictions in next to no time?

    Unless of course you do not plan on upgrading to a bigger bike when your restrictions are over. The Aprilia does look nice though, sounds like crap...but that's to be expected.
  4. yeh i'm also wondering why you want to spend so much on a two fiddy when you are coming off restrictions in a pretty short period of time
  5. That so called ZXR250S is just a ZXR250 'C' model.
    Supposedly there were a heap of ZXR250-C's that were built the same time as the rest of them (mid to late '90s) then just sat in storage not assembled. In 2002/2003 Kawasaki decided to haul them out of storage, assemble them in Malaysia and then sell them as new. Again... for good measure i add the word supposedly. Looks like some wanker has decided to call these 2002/03 assembled ones the 'S' model. What a load of BS.
  6. I'm just keen to get on a bike again.

    I know its only 6 odd months b4 i get my fulls but want soemthing to ride around with mates on the weekend.

    I do understand that 10k is alot to throw on a 125cc aprilia and i would be upgrading but not straight after i get my fulls.

  7. My advice is to do one of two things:

    1) Don't buy a bike, wait, then borrow/hire a bike to do your final test, if applicable (if you're in NSW you don't have to do any testing after the 12 months are up).

    2) Buy an extremely cheap bike that will last you to 6 months, then either resell it or keep it as a cheap commuter.

    Either way I think you would be wasting money on buying an expensive (the ZXR250s are fairly expensive) bike which you are only going to get rid of in a fairly short amount of time. Put the money you save towards something bigger and more satisfying.
  8. 6 months is certainly long enough to enjoy any bike, and tire of it aswell.
    My advice would be to go find a mediocre buzz-box of an inline 4 250cc bike and then spend a bit of time learning to wring every last little bit of corner speed out of it (and yourself).

    Just like cars... you won't get $10k back on a second hand 125cc Aprilia even if it's only got 5000km's on it. Your likely to end up selling it for ~$7500. That's $2500 for riding for 6-12 months.
    Buying something like another cheapy CBR250R/RR for $3k and then keeping it in good condition... perhaps even doing a bit of work to it in regards to reconditioning suspension (potentially better corner speed) your likely to walk out with the same amount of money you put in - maybe even more!