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kwaka zxr250/Yammy fzr250/Honda cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wolki101, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Honda cbr250rr

  2. Yammy fzr250

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  3. kwaka zxr250

  1. hi all im new and get my L's in 6 months. i was looking at either kwaka zxr250, Yammy fzr250 or Honda cbr250rr. i'm leaning towards the kwaka but and was wondering how reliable they are (being revved to 16000 most of their life) and what they are like to ride. does anyone know the differences between the variants of this model and how important they are. also does anyone know much about the new 2008 250 ninja coming out? i've seen a bit but it has conventional forks, single disc on the front etc. and i was wondering whether this will be worth a look. is there any other sports road bikes i should consider?
    any help appreciated.

  2. FZR is a grey import I beleve so might be best left alone. Are you lookng at a new or used bike? In 6 months there will be options available in all states for a larger capacity motorbike too if you prefer, fill out your profile so people know wtf you live and you get more specific advice to your state.
  3. have you looked at a CB250,

    you use them at the ls place, they have a much better turning circle.
  4. neither. all imports. better off getting a lams bike or an aussie imported. parts will be a lot easier to find and cheaper to buy. plus paying something like $5k+ for a 250cc and a first bike is heaps expensive imo. i regret paying that much for my bike that im gonna sell in a few months anyway.
  5. the cbr250rr and the zx2r's were both aussie imported.

    But regardless, unless thats the bike you want, go look at something cheaper.
  6. only the later model ones. which ud be payin a bit to buy anyway
  7. There should be a new option as 'I'm not going to comment because these questions have been answered 1000x before and you're too brainless to think to search'

    Sorry, shit day at work
  8. lol pwned
  9. Please use search but...

    Get yourself a cheap commuter ala CB250, 250cc dirt bike etc.. to start off with, then when you can ride confidently without fear of breaking expensive plastics, upgrade to something you really like.

    If you later decide you need one of the 250cc sports bikes mentioned, they're all old now, so buy on condition rather than any model.
  10. I love my CB 250. She has a few years and ks up but so what, so have I. My safety gear nearly cost me more than the bike.

    She rides nicely, twists and turns, starts and stops, responds well. The instruments are high up where you can see them.

    I ride to work in the hills and as long as I use the gears thoughtfully she handles the climbs at highway speeds OK.

    (I drove my Falcon wagon to work today 'cos I have to carry a load of gear home. I must admit the Falcon did handle trip better - but that is not the point of riding.)

    My suggestion - Do not get hung up on the marque. Buy a cheap, well shod, mechanically OK 250. Ride for a while, build your skills, stay alive, then decide on your long term bike.
  11. being a relative n00b to bikes my fairly unbiased opinion after riding more than a few 250's to see what was for me, i chose the ZXR. CBR's were too expensive and most clued in bikers that i talked to all said that the FZR was a massivly unreliable bike, which a friend of mine has just found out after purchasing one
  12. Definatly get a CBR or ZXR. Although I wouldnt pay much more then 5k for one in excellent condition. They are great bikes to learn on, most people seem to agree that their engines are good for 100,000kms so reliablity should not to too much of an issue.

    Having a CBR myself I would definatly recommend it. Great for the twisties and enough power to keep you interested for awhile. Although a CB would be a good leaners bike they are boring as hell to ride. Good for commuting but thats about it.
  13. Not sure what it's like in Canberra, but Fireblades are a little overpriced here in Melbourne, unless you happen to find a bargain.
    I'm not sure what the FZR's are like in terms of finding them and getting them, but I had a zxr250 and they're not too common, but can be quite pricey.
    Personally I'd go for the zxr250 myself, but it's just me. :p

    And in terms of grey import, not sure about the FZR, but both the 'blade and the ninja has grey import and local versions of it. Just depends on whether it's a ZX2R or ZXR250 for the ninjas, and what MC number it is for the 'blade. (I think MC22 if I'm right... sorry guys I'm not an expert on this.. someone else will have to help me out.)