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Kwaka ZR7 2002 750,

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Well I have finally got all the broken bits replaced and the Kwaka is ready to roll,
    So I tell Heather to chuck on her gear and we will go for a ride,
    This is her first ride on it, other than backing it out of the carport,

    We go down to the council chambers car park and I get off and say its now your turn, She was pillion,

    Its your Bike,, you ride it, I am very nervous, she says to me,

    Hey, you are a rider, you can ride, its just a bit different to the cruiser, so go for it,
    Well, she gets on, I give her instructions on how this one works, I sa keep it in first gear all the way, Just putt around slowly and get the feel of it,
    Two rides later coming back from away up the top, She plonks it into second,

    Hahahahaha I think to myself, She's got it, she pulls up, I jump on and we go home,
    She tells me, she likes it,
    Now all we have to do is practice with the new feel of a different bike, We will do a few laps of her learning road, Lilydale, Wandin, Lilydale, Its about 20 kays round, York Rd, Clegg rd, Maroondah Hwy and Canturbury rd,

    I was really worried that she would drop it in the carpark, But she didnt,
    she tells me that keeping her head up and not running into the parked cars was very easy for her now, which used to be a big problem for her, Target fixation,

    I tell her I am proud of her riding The Kwaka for the first time, She did very well, including turning it around a few times, 3 point turn as the road isnt wide enough for a U turn,
    I get a big smile, Bit of further instruction on the way home, including showing her how it accelerates in fifth gear from 80 kays,

    And its nice choofing up my new drive on the bike now its all concrete,

    Another Hoon in the making, on a 750, She cant comlpain now about not keeping up,

  2. Well done Heather. Look forward to seeing you out on the new machine. :)
  3. Good work Heather!
  4. Havent been for the loop yet, But we will take it out for a full ride today,

    Took her down to the York Pub yesterday and she rode around there for about half an hour or so, While I went inside and had a Bundy,

    She was practising starting and stopping with a couple of E stops, Hahahahaha,
    she had a moment or two with those E stops, Hahahahaha

    But she didnt drop it, so alls well,

    Yep. She's got it now, Feels comfortable on it, She is looking forward to going for a big ride,

    Waiting for the roadworthy at the moment, should be finished by now, So she can ride it back home,

    Then we will go for a ride through the hills, Few straights, lots of Twisties, she can ride, Not like me, But she only has to putt along, She is very capable,

    I am pleased with her, Just her confidence needs building, and she is getting there,

    I have told her to post up her experiences, But she hasnt got around to it yet,

  5. top stuff, she's got a good tutor too!
  6. Thanks Chris, cougs & hornet,

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy the extra "grunt" this has compared to the cruiser.
    As for HIS comment about me keeping up, I can assure HIM he will be still waiting for me, I didn't upgrade to a blackbird, nor do I like walking.

    Excellent tutor Paul, it's basically the only time I see him being patient, ( just joking ) ???

    Shouldn't be long Chris before I'm out & about on the rides.

    Cheers H
  7. Congrats to you Heather and you Brian, both having patience with each other and agree about the good tutor, but the student cant be that bad either with the fast progress :)
    Enjoy and hope to see you both [before you blast off into the distance lol] soon