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Kwaka z900 TURBO pics

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ratbag, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. For those that like the old Z900 Kwaka's, there is 3 images of one that's had quite alot of work done to it...........


    Cheers ratty

  2. YE GODS; how much must that have cost???

    Reminds me of what dad used to say about some done-up cars; "They jacked up the ashtray and put a new car under it." There can't be much actual stock Kawa left there!!

    Thanks for that Paul :grin:

    {Needless to say I LOVE IT}
  3. A lot of efforts gone into that. Well worth it though, that's one nice looking bike.
  4. Hey Rattbag,

    When are you going to ride that baby ??? :)

    Looks like its fresh out of the showroom !!!

    SWEET !
  5. Looking at the work gone into it, i reckon it probably stays in the shed quite a bit :)

    Cheers ratty

  6. Unless you can shout Paul a ticket to America, my guess would be no time soon :p
  7. i still don't understand how they turbo carbed bikes :?

    sweet all the same :)
  8. Very impressive.

    But I don't lust after it the way I crave the immaculately-restored Z-1 I saw down at PI last weekend. That bike really was in showroom condition.
  9. Why not, many of the early turbocharged cars were carburetted. All the factory turbo bikes were carburetted to. Obviously the carbs have to be suitably tuned for the increased volume of air - change the boost pressure and they'd have to be retuned.