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Kwaka Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by echoball, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Saw one of these a couple of weeks ago and am looking at taking one for a test ride since am finally off restrictions!

    Anybody ridden one or know much about them?
  2. Bikepoint Review (just in case you haven't already read it).
    Had a look at one of these recently, I like the styling but seat height seems way too high for my liking.
  3. sexy bikes, if you feel like buying one for me, i'll be your best friend :D
  4. Check out Netrider bike reviews for a review
  5. I reckont the z750 is an absolute bargain... I'll be looking for one as soon as I'm off restrictions too.

    Thing is... the z1000 is only a little more $$$ second hand- decisions decisions!
  6. Yep I have ridden the z750 OMG wooot total hornbag... I want one as my next bike... The only thing better is a z1000....

  7. :shock: I am with you on this one i put my KLX 300 R in for a service and the salesman gave me a brand new Z750 as a loaner untill my bike was finished. Dam what a bike i over took 1 truck and 2 cars on a long streight and hit 150 klicks befor i knew it think i was in 3rd of 4th with major amounts or rev on the tacho left. I read that she doesn't start producing max power untill you hit around 10K rpm. :p
  8. cool. for me at 185 cm, riding position seems quite comfy and a great looking bike...there is one in mornington that I'll ride asap....have a feeling I'll know what the verdict will be! :D
  9. Yep and they were going for $11k on-the-road in Vic...not sure what they are now?

    There's currently a $1000 cash-back on the Z1000 too!
  10. Can any of you who've ridden a Z750 comment on the effectiveness of the mini-fairing?

    Supposedly it's shaped to create a pocket of calm air for the rider, but the tests I've read have different views on how well it works.
  11. a small faring will have a small effect :wink:

    my old thundercat had faring that would block all the wind even if you were standing on the tank, when i stripped it naked and put on a teeny little screen, i barely noticed that it was giving me any protection at all :LOL:

    basically, i'd be thinking it'll help break the air a little before it hits you, but you wont be getting a nice little comfy pocket like on a sports tourer. but then, if your buying a naked bike, your not buying it for its ability to keep the wind off you eh :LOL:
  12. I didn't notice any 'wind problems' with either the 750 or the 1000.