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Kwaka Z750 vs. Z1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    So I can't quite decide between a Z750 and Z1000. For the 2 bikes I'm looking at (one of each), I'm trying to compile a list of differences between the two to try and justify waiting and saving a little more (Z1000 will work out about $2k more than the Z750 in total).

    So, 2009 Z750 or 2007 Z1000.

    I'm figured out the thou will obviously have a touch more power. But what else is different?

    I've noticed the thou has indicators on the front bikini fairings (which I reckon looks awesome, reminds me of the B-King). And the thou has a little black wind deflector which also looks tops.

    Can anyone help me figure out the differences?


    - has wind deflector (can you put these on the Z750???)
    - has twin pipes
    - has front indicators on the fairings
    - has more power
    - ???
  2. Suspension is different, I believe.
  3. 2009 Z750 is a great bike. from 2009 it had adjustable suspension, not quite as good as the same year's Z1000 but I'm not sure how it compares to the 2007 model.

    There's a good one at Evolution Motorcycles in Epping (http://bit.ly/gbexCT) with 14,000Ks on the clock, Oggy Knobs and bar extenders for $9K ride away. Great bike for commuting and for having fun on, perfect for a gent of larger proportions though you don't have to be big to enjoy it.


    The 750 is built on the thou frame, with a litre engine (I think the one from the old ZX-10R rather than the comparable Z1000) which has been sleeved down. So the bike weighs basically the same as the Z1000, feels about the same in terms of ergonomics, but has noticeably less pull than the thou. Sure it's got some poke, especially when you're first coming of LAMS for instance, but if you want to feel alive you need to get it up over 8,000RPM and you start running out of legal runway real quick at those revs.

    The Z1000 has enough more umph to have me grinning more in every gear. I think that the Z750 is just too heavy to pull off the gig. If you're a featherweight then it may be just fine, but I'm 130kg in my gear and so the bike was having to work that much harder, which didn't leave as much scope for mad grin inducing bursts of acceleration.

    TLDR: I loved my Z750 but traded it in on the Z1000(SX). If I had my time again I'd skip the Z750 and either go straight to the Z1000 or get a street triple R, whatever my budget could condone.
  4. doesnt the 07 thou have 4 pipes?
  5. Nah it runs twin pipes, but there are 4 funny lookin outlets lol. Technically just 2 pipes (one each side). The 750 has a single pipe on the right side (albeit split in to 2 outlets at the end when stock).

    I'd be getting aftermarket pipe/s anyway.

    Thanks for the input the_blacke. I'm definately gonna test ride a thou before I make any decisions :)