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Kwaka Z750/1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Anyone got or ridden on of these?

    Saw a '06 Z1000 just near work and it looked the goods....... also seemed to fit what i want in an eventual upgrade. ie pillion seat > than a mouse pad. Didn't appear to be too aggressive seating position.

    Didn't get a chance to sit on it though.

    Just interested in peoples experiences with these, both good and bad.

    Pity it's not a Vtwin.
  2. :shock: I hope you meant to type "Pity it's not a Vtwin"..

    Let me know when you're coming into coffee next, and I'll be there with mine. :wink:

    I can't really fault it, bearing in mind, I come from a dirt bike background, so upright is the way I like to ride.

    Naked rocks. :grin:
    Very easy to ride.
    Easy on the body.
    Goes like stink when you give it a bit.
    Great for traffic - I sit high, and can see over most things.

    It gets hard to hang on when doing $2+.
    I don't think I want another black one.
    Depending on the rider, the buffetting might get to you.
    When giving it the berries while still leaned over, the front gets light and gets a small shimmy up - might be time for a steering damper.

    I might be biased though. :wink: Send Doonx a PM and ask what his thoughts on it were (he went for a quick squirt on ANZAC day).
  3. Thanks Macca,

    fixed the typo.

    Nakeds do indeed rock!!

    your list of Pro's sound just what i'd be looking at too.

    Saw a pic of one in a Dark Metallic Blue....very nice.
    Buffeting might be an issue but i have seen an extended screen available on www.austreetfighter.com.au...for the 750 anyway

    I wonder if the quad pipes from the 1000 fit the 750?? :twisted: the 06 ones that is... the 07 ones look horrid to me.

    Maybe at coffee on Friday.....will PM you closer to Friday
  4. pipes from the thou don't fit the 750, thou has twin, 750 has single, not sure about headers but 750 doesn't have mounting points for exhaust on LHS either.
    They might look similar, but the two are actually very different :)

  5. Pity it's not a twin!??!?


    i4s rock!
  6. :WStupid:

    twins are only good in bed.
  7. But twins sound Throaty!!!. (awaiting smart-ar$ed comment from Loz or Ktulu here)

    All are good.... just i love tha sound and low down grunt from a twin.

    Never actually ridden a 4 either so guess i'm not comparing it to much.
  8. Put on about 5000km on my z750 now.

    I love....now....

    -upright, easy to see, comfortable riding position
    -very good brakes, handling, control, linear power delivery
    -fun in twisties, easy on highways(got a screen extension on mine) so buffeting is not too bad.
    -nice positive gear changes, plenty of power.
    -naked looks, ease of mod addition
    -bulletproof engine. Its a sleeved down z1000 engine. Its understressed.
    -Rider friendly. went from 250cc to this.....no problems!

    -suspension is basic. Its fine for commuting/hwy but if you like the twisties i'd like it to be better. So that's my next mod.
    -vibrations can get annoying at 6-8k rpm. Solved my problems with aftermarket handgrips $20. Gonna put on heavier bar end weights to dampen it even more.
    -mirrors absolutely useless due to the vibrations at 6-8k rpm. Gonna see if i can anchor them better.
    -pillions won't like you. Hard seat, high footpegs mean sore ass and cramped legs. Plenty of stops recommended!
  9. What about bar end mirror mod??

    might have to look at lower footpegs as well.

    but i'm liking what i'm hearing. :grin:
  10. I put different mirrors on, they mount to the standard mounts.. i rode a z750 with bar end mirrors and couldn't see a thing :shock:

    Pillions.. who cares about them?


    And i rode a 750 to compare to my 1000, and I'll have my thou anyday thanks :grin:
  11. Must say on appearance alone i prefer the 1000. but i think the 07 model is going backwards a bit. Also like the analogue tacho on the 1000.

    Oh it's gonna be a long year till upgrade time :evil:
  12. Deafwish has a Z1000 also, upgraded from his 600 Hornet to it, when I was down there I asked him how he liked it and he said he just couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

    I'd get a small screen for one for your longish commute, but that's about all I'd change...
  13. Already been looking into..... i know i can get one for the 750, not sure if it fits the 100 though.

    I do however know 1 or 2 people who are handy with polycarbonate and a heat moulder.
  14. I remeber it... and that it won't fit the spada...... got that sorted now i think... got a package on its way with a doublebubble screen

    Would need to look at the Z1000 up closer to see about the mounting... cheers for the link...... bookmark file is growing fast with add on bits and pieces for a bike i don't own nor can i ride it for another year+ :twisted:

    desperately hoping to find one with some damage i can fix over the next year....

    EDIT...z1000 screen on this page...nice http://www.fabbriaccessori.com/Enaked.htm
  15. The screen is mounted to the 1000 with a bracket assembly, the 750 doesn't have it.

    If you're looking a fixer upper, be aware that second hand parts are extremely rare.. almost impossible to find..

    Hornet, that screen won't fit as it's designed for a bike with a round headlight, neither the 750 or 1000 have that

    Drew, go to KSRC, do a search on the z1000, there's lots of posts and info about the 1000/750.
  16. Might just do that.......forgot about them.
  17. Drew, my dad was going to buy a z1000 before he ended up getting the speed triple.

    he loved it, just couldn't get the showroom to budge on price.

    in his words it's 'one hellava wheelie machine!"

    he didn't like the z750, he said it was too slow.

    but then he rides an 06 fireblade and freqently travels at 'don't tell your mother' speeds.
  18. The more I look at the once down the road from work the more i want one. :evil:

    Has my kind of seating position....although i am worried about the seat height a bit.

    pillion capable if not overly spacious.

    750 looks ok but doesn't grab my attention like the z1000

    I want something i can cruise on.... and i love nakeds...... Hornet 900 is also up there for consideration but the Kwaka looks have got me at the moment.

    ooooo i wish i could give one a "once around the carpark" to see what it feels like...... that or a time machine :twisted:
  19. Drew, you should have had a go on mine on Sunday!

    I have been doing over 20,000km on mine since Oct last year. Still have the biggest smile on my face even when I just look at it!

    Sound isn't too bad either, is it? You might have heard me! :)

    Great bike and you should ask Stewy what he thought of it. We swapped for a bit. He had the SV1000N. Twins are nice, but I still prefer my Z1000.

    Go and send Stewy a PM and find out.


    By the way, that last link to an aftermarket screen was mounted on a Z750, although description was for Z1000.