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Kwaka Z250C?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Orb, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. G'day guys
    My uncle has offered me his old Z250C for a few hundred$$$, just wondering if anybody has had any expereince with these bikes? She's an 1980 model (I think), 2 valve single with drums front and back.

    Suspension seems good, there's a bit of surface rust on on the tank and a few other spots, she just needs a new set of rings and head gasget, among a few other things (motor is out of the frame).

    I'm just looking to use her as a run-around for town and the very rare run between Orange and Bathurst. I recon she would make a very nice little cafe racer to :grin:
    *added photos*



  2. Provided you're happy to spend a few months fixing up the bigger problems and then the gremlins, then it sounds great! Ain't nothing like a single!
  3. There's a few hours and dollars to go before that's on the road.

    I'm not sure you wouldn't find a couple of other bikes that might be a better proposition. I'd say something roadworthy of 80's vintage for around $1200 or so might cost you no more in the end and possibly be a better package.

    If you want a project it looks decent enough, but it doesn't strike me as much of a bargain for it's age by the time it's on the road.

    And a drum brake on the rear of a lighter, smaller bike is fine, but the on the front is a bit of a worry to me. Just because a bike doesn't pick up speed real fast doesn't mean you want it to take longer to stop.
  4. id have that for a few hundred dollars. love the old ducks
  5. Should have mentioned my current ride is an old Ag100 - I'm used to drum brakes and don't mind them, provided they actualy work :shock: I can do 90% of the work myself aswell. Edit: And I will do a check over of all the parts before buying

    Local second hand market consists of beat up dirt bikes and 250 ninjas/cbr's for 3~4 grand :(, and they're projects for the most part as well :(
  6. Looks to be a nice little bike, and it bears more than a passing resemblance to mine.

    The engine, which looks to be very similar to the z200, is great. Beautiful exhaust note and is quite happy to pull me along freeways and up mountains (although the throttle is often on the stop). An extra 50cc should help that. Maintenance is very easy.

    The fork seals will probably need replacing - not a terrible job once you've got your head around it, but an extra pair of hands would make life easier.

    I'd say the brakes are fine. The z200 has a drum rear and a cable operated disc front (which I doubt is much better than the drum), and I can stop quick enough. I barely touch the brakes in the twisties anyway, and read traffic well ahead around town.

    Having said all that, I probably wouldn't pay hundreds for it (but the Melbourne market has plenty of similar options). It will take many more to get it reliable. But if you like it for the family connection, and are looking for a project, then go for it! We need more classic commuters out there amongst the cbr rr rrrr rrrrrr rrrs and other sporty things.

    If you go ahead, let us know and I'll give you some handy links. Good luck.
  7. And when you're heading down the Warburton side of the Reefton Spur on a 46degree summer's day, try to engine brake a lot and avoid the front drum - it's not nice when you brake entering a fast tight corner and nothing happens! :cry:
  8. You've answered my first question, in that you can do 90% of the work yourself... something like this wouldn't be viable for me because I can't.

    My second is basically 'Do you want a bike or a project?' If the latter, by all means go for this one, it will be unique and interesting, and getting there will be half the journey. But if you're looking for a bike you can easily spend the same amount of dollars and have a better one sooner...
  9. You guys are right, she would be bit of a project and would probably take a grand or so to get back on the road, but I don't mind that. Still hopeing that she will go together quickly and be a decent rat... thats if I can get parts, then fix her up proper in tandom with the SR500. And am I the only one that's noticed the Z250c and SR250 engines look very simular?
    (AKA I still want it)

    Roh - thanks, got any pics? I know the 250 will probably be a little different, but how are the shocks and forks on the 200? Any trouble with eletrics? any trouble getting parts?

    And random bit of news - rear brake has been sticking on the ag for the last few weeks, found out why when I pulled the wheel of - Bloody mount lug for the return spring snapped in half! Last time I buy SBC/SBS.
  10. Took some quick pics this afternoon and forgot I had it set to B&W. Here they are anyway:

    Suspension looks to be the same as the 250. I find it fine (kept the wheels on the road whilst scraping a peg over a bumpy bit of road - that was a boo boo) but I don't have much to compare to.

    Regulator / rectifier died taking the battery and a few globes with it. Managed to score a freebee from some slightly more modern jap, which needed a bit of rewiring but is now working fine. It's a no frills bike so the wiring is pretty easy to get your head around if you have a problem.

    Parts are a bit of an issue. The air filter is NLA, but I just gutted the paper and replaced it with air filter foam (which can be purchased in sheets and is inexpensive). Not sure if this applies to the 250 or not.

    I am currently waiting for a speedo cable - was told 6 weeks from Japan about 6 weeks ago. The rubber manifold between the carburettor and the engine is also NLA, which might be an issue in the future (some small cracks are present in mine). I've been able to get everything else I need through Kawasaki though.

    Here are those links:
    Focused on the bigger zeds but some good info.

    Lots of parts diagrams.

    Workshop manual for the z200 - might be useful.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask, keeping in mind the 250C might be different. Have fun with it, and keep us updated with the rebuild!

    PS: If you want pics of anything in particular let me know - I took more but have no idea what to post.
  11. Thanks again roh great links. Photos look awsome in B&W anyway. Looks like I will be picking her up in a month or 2... fingers crossed for parts again X