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kwaka vs hyosung

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Strongy19, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Getting my motorcycle licence in the near future and just looking for your opinions on 2 motorcycles I need help with.

    Kwaka 2010 250r ninja or Hyosung gt250r 2010

    I have heard that the ninja is a better bike but built for short people as I'm 6'4 I was wondering if you think the gt250r is better for me.

    Does anyone have a review of either bike they can share with me would be much appreciated.

    Cheers Tim.
  2. At your size i would recommend a Ninja 650RL if your budget allows it
  3. I've sat on a 250r and at 6'1 my knees sit over the tank knee line. Try sitting on these in the shop to get a good idea, don't limit yourself to a 250cc, you might have more fun on a legal learner 500cc or 650cc.

    I know the GS500F is a great bike, and have no size issues whatsoever, also buying new is great, but going into winter there are ALOT of bike bargains on ebay, and that way you won't lose big bikkies straight out of the showroom.
  4. go ride the gt650r I didn't know kwaka had a 650 LAMS. Sit on all your options. A lot of people love the ninja, and some people bag the hyosung, mines an 08 pre-EFI and has been great(250r).

    aaah also because you didn't say were you were ofc the whole lams thing could be useless.

    Also welcome to Netrider, there is a Welcome forum people prefer you to introduce yourself before asking for their informed or uninformed opinions.
  5. Yeah I'm leaning towards the Kawasaki Ninja 650RL

    Will go into shops and have a look and feel of a few bikes later in the week.
  6. 6ft and loved the Ninja 250R. Great position, but yeh, as has been said there is no 250 sports that you are going to look (or feel) right on. Try one of the bigger LAMS bikes. Suzi GS500, Kwaka ER6/Ninja 650 etc.
  7. Just don't buy hyo
  8. geeth - Justification for that statement?
  9. You mean other then it's a Hyo? I think there has been a lot of discussion why you should probably buy an older Jappa then a new Hyo.

    I think in every rider survey I've read of people that have owned them none would buy another, they seemingly all have build quality issues. They may offer a lot but if it's always on a trailer its no fun.
  10. Hyosung are fine if you commute every day. If you leave them alone for a week they rust. If you push the clutch too hard they break. If you buy from Peter Stevens you end up hating life.
  11. I have a friend. bought a hyosung the 650 cruiser. had so many problem with the electrics. took it back to get it fixed like 5-6 times in 1500k's. wrote it off... so the first thing the idiot does is go back to hyosung to buy another one
  12. As i have said in the past, and to Hyo Australia, I'd buy another one, just not a 650. I find the 250 is enjoyable to ride, i've done a few 600km+ days on it, and not had a problem. I am sure my opinion would be different if I had a problem though. I'd much rather a 1000 or better yet something more around the 850 mark. 3 years 20000 kms, not a problem. But mine is a 2008 model so I believe it should be more reliable than the previous models.
  13. :rofl: Hilarious!
  14. From asking around on the various forums including a world wide Hyosung forum, The only one that does not have problems is the 250 Cruiser,
  15. There is more then enough justification for my post if you care to do a search on hyo on this forum alone.
  16. probably cause they would sell about 10x more gt250r's than aquillas
  17. That may be the case here, but they sell a shed load in the US...
  18. I only found out about the other ones Because I was looking at the 250 Aquila cruiser only, Its the only one that doesnt seem to have any thing go wrong with it, If it was a piece of shit I would buy some thing else, Simple logic.
  19. Sticky beaking in a southern Sydney dealership a couple of months ago, I was told by the salesperson the Ninja 650RL is LAMS-restricted only by mechanical means ie. the throttle handle is physically restricted. I could not believe it; I confirmed this by twisting the throttle of the regular 650R and it did twist a fair whack more. This easy mechanical restriction bodes well for an upgrade later, unlike many other LAMS bikes that are electronically restricted via the CPU mapping (like the Suzuki GSX650F LAMS), which makes it harder to de-restrict.

    I'd stretch my finances and for the 650RL anyday; 250cc is fine for commuting and occassional touring; but it won't be long before you're wanting a mid-sizer for weekend cruising ..... and one you can de-restrict easily!