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Kwaka VN250 Lacking power?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Expedite, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I have had a few problems with my VN250, having to replace the engine after having it on the road for only a couple months. Long story but dodgy local mc store....

    Anyway replaced the engine with an 03 one but still the bike doesnt seem to have enough power and fuel consumption seems to be high compared to what i have read.

    I am traveling 70km's a day on a relatively hilly ride (Dual Carriage Way, and Highway) and cannot get above 90km's on the hills. I am also only getting about 170km's from the tank. This has been the same for both the 99 engine and the newer 03 engine.

    It has been suggested i put some carby cleaner through the bike but not sure if that will do any damage?

    I love the bike but traveling in relatively heavy peak hour traffic on a road that should be 100km's plus i just don't feel safe at times given the lack of power. Is this just something i need to get used to with the bike or is there something wrong with it?

  2. 250cc cruisers have bugger all power and aren't light enough to get away with it, don't expect to be able to do much more than 90 up hills.

    How many Ls in your tank? 170kms before switching to reserve isn't uncommon, if you're tank is only around 10L (assuming you'd get say 30-40ish kms on reserve).
  3. yeah what he said but 90 up a hill ?. how steep is said hill ?. i have never been on a VN250 but have ridden with them and they went better than what you are saying..hmm..
    gunslinger on here has one.. maybe you could track him down and have a chat with him.. he seemed to get along quite well.
  4. According to this review, http://motorcycle.danharper.org/motorcycle-review-kawasaki-vn250-eliminator/ , they only get around 170-180km before refuelling. Your bike sounds pretty normal.

    Internet search suggests the engine only had about 27hp when new. That should be enough for 100km/h up most hills. But if the motor is older and untuned, perhaps not.

    As phizog said, 250cc cruisers aren't known for their power. I'd stick with it until you're off restrictions, then dump it for something bigger. Perhaps get it tuned in the mean time. Of course you could upgrade now to a more sporty 250cc bike, although there is very little option in that market. 250cc bikes just don't have that much power.
  5. For comparison, I get 250kms out of my Suzuki VL250 before hitting reserve. 12L tank total.

    It'll push up to a max of maybe 120km/hr or 130km/hr on highways. Not a light rider either.
  6. I travel between Yass and Canberra so its hilly but not stupid steep. Guess i will just have to put up with it. :(

    As for Fuel consumption has an 11 litre tank so looks as its about right.

    I used to live in town so power and fuel consumption where not really issues.

    Will have to work on the minister of finance so i can get an upgrade!
  7. I know the road you travel, it is actually fairly hilly and can be windy.
    As others have said, at teh end of teh day, it is a 250cc bike, do not expect too much of it. Just use it to get your riding sorted out, then move on as finances allow.

    Regards, Andrew.