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Kwaka tech' advice needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Hi folks!
    I've just purchased an 04 Z1000 (get it in 10 days!) and it has a Muzzy titanium four into one exhaust on it.
    It doesn't have a Power Commander on it and I'm simply wanting to know whether this is causing major damage to the engine due to excessively varying air fuel ratios?
    Is anyone running a full exhaust without a PC3?
    Ideally I can put up with slightly higher fuel consumpion and a slightly lower HP output, for a $700 PC3.....
    Oh, the airfilter is just a standard item if it makes any difference.
    Any comments or reccomendations are appreciated.

    Daz. :wink:
  2. Is the Kwaka FI closed loop? If so, then a simple exhaust change shouldn't take it outside it's range.

    Does the new exhaust (and the original FI) have a o2 sensor?

    If it did and it was refitted to the new system, then I'd say you're not only OK, but better off then you would have been before the change.
  3. Ummmmm........
    No idea to both those statements!
  4. Hi,

    got a 05mod Z1000 with 4into1 Micron system.

    Standard air filter and no comander. Used to belong to the owner, so I suppose they would have made changes if required. I would recommend a service so they can adjust what is needed. This system also gives it a nice scream with a fist full and rumble backing off.

    Sorry, can't help any more than that. I'm not a mechanic. Suggest you give Brighton Kawasaki a buzz on 03 9557 4383. They have the knowhow!

    Enjoy, stay safe,